The Pairing Menu

Hand-curated treasures to enjoy while listening.


New Deal Portland Dry Gin 33

Handcrafted just a stone’s throw away from Marmoset’s studio at New Deal Distillery, this classic, prohibition-era spirit elevates the gin game entirely. With crisp botanical notes, it’s no wonder why this Portland favorite has won multiple medals and was voted one of the “Top Ten New American Gins” according to Drink Spirits. A particularly smooth, modern libation, it uses fewer ingredients to create a richer flavor. There are hints of honey, sage and a lingering note of juniper in every sip. The aromas evoke postcard images of the sunlit pines and tall evergreens found throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Art Deco Notebook

These notebooks are a perfect medium to explore and refine your ideas and imagination while listening to the record. Sleek, modern, and symmetrical, these handcrafted, center-sewn notebooks maintain a similar aesthetic as 1939 Ensemble, embodying a timeless “cool” alongside contemporary influences.

Pipe Tobacco & Coffee Soap

There's nothing like the distinct aroma of pipe tobacco. It assumes a sense of sophistication, masculinity and a classic, yet refined style. The potent scent toys with the imagination and brings to mind images of smoke-filled bars and the mid-century lifestyle. Likewise, it’s long been said that coffee carries the scent of the gods -- earthy in nature and unbridled in the way it evokes strong memories and comfort. When you meld both of these ingredients together, it's pure magic. The calming smell of tobacco is delightfully contrasted with the awakening scent of ground coffee. Made in the USA with organic fair trade coffee, this soap cleanses your body, mind and soul, creating a wonderfully unexpected melody.


Jacobsen Salty Black Licorice

Crafted locally in Netarts Bay of the Oregon coast , these chewy morsels combine sea salt with the sweet, classic taste of black licorice. Dark and polished, these small pieces of bliss contain hints of molasses and caramel, driven by a potent kick of sea salt harvested directly from the great Pacific Ocean. Much like the music of 1939 Ensemble, these ingredients come together in great harmony and, at times, are both powerful and playful in their dissonance.

Stereoscopic Viewer With Photo Reels

Do you remember these from when you were a kid? Remember how when you looked through the eyeholes, the rest of the world faded away, as if you were transported? We invite you to try these again -- now with a different twist. We're pairing the Viewer with stereo photography from two of the most influential designers of the 20th century: Charles and Ray Eames. Witness their story of design through these immersive photographs and notes on their life and philosophy. Put Black Diamond Pearl on in your headphones while exploring the wonderful images for a perfect music-meets-picture soundtrack experience.

Drum Sticks

As our heroes like John Bonham and Keith Moon have proven, drumming is a powerful medium, capable of wielding tremendous force in its execution. And of course, drumsticks are the tools for this wonderful experience. Direct from Revival Drum Shop -- the famed vintage shop owned by 1939 Ensemble's Jose Medeles -- we give you the tools to connect with Black Diamond Pearl in a kinesthetic way. Make sure to find a comfortable place to sit and a good surface to pound on while enjoying the record.