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Hand-curated treasures to enjoy while listening.

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DIY Hanging Air Plant Terrarium Kit


Light, love and a little nurturing are essential in maintaining the human condition -- and the same goes for fostering these little terrariums. More importantly, it probably goes without saying that part of what makes a great listening experience is the setting in which we surround ourselves. Perfect to pair with the organic sounds of The Soil & the Sun is the living and breathing art in these terrariums -- complete with dried lichen, reindeer moss and a starkly beautiful live air plant. Set your intentions, create your individual landscape, close your eyes, press play and bliss out to Meridian while you bring your own little terrarium to life.

Douglas Fir Spring Tip Tea


Douglas Fir Spring Tip Tea is handcrafted by our friends at Juniper Ridge, based in our very own backyard of Portland, Oregon. Every sip of this tea will send you right back to the bosom of a lush and green forest, hiking through the Cascade Mountains, accompanied by a cool breeze rustling through tall firs, leading toward the comforting smell of a campfire. There's an earthy aromatic undertone to this heartwarming tea -- it just smells soooo damned good. We keep an arsenal of it on supply for our staff here at Marmoset HQ and we’re not afraid to admit we’re more than a little addicted to it.  Much like The Soil & the Sun's rustic sounds, this Doug Fir tea will ground you with the comforting tastes and smells of the wild unknown.

Molten Lava IPA

Lava -- Powerful. Unpredictable. Explosive. These words come to mind when drinking the wonderfully exciting Molten Lava IPA, brewed by Double Mountain in Hood River, Oregon -- near the heart of the Columbia River Gorge. While it packs a punch with a mouthful of hops, there's a balance of more subtle citrus notes, along with a mellow, yet complex palette of floral undertones. We know mother nature can oftentimes be uncertain -- especially with so many dormant volcanoes in the Great Pacific Northwest -- yet there's some peace and relief in knowing some things are out of our hands. Much of the lyrics in Meridian express this very point. So sit back, relax and contemplate your very own existence while enjoying this cold, handcrafted, Pacific Northwest beer.


Applewood & Moss Soy Candle

The dreamy smells from this 100% soy wax candle made in Bend, Oregon are so soothing and impactful that a little can go a long way. There's a natural balance of nature and sophistication to it. As the candle burns, it puts off depth and dimension, while illuminating new thoughts and ideas. Try it for yourself and see what happens. Made only with the purest of ingredients, including the healing properties of pure aloe vera and coconut oil -- we've found that aroma to blend perfectly with the atmospheric meanderings of "Meridian," casting a warm glow amidst whatever setting you choose to experience the recordings in.

Licorice Fern Leaf

Yes -- this is a real fern. Look closely and you’ll see it’s been dried and pressed to help preserve its inherent natural beauty. Native to the Great Pacific Northwest, these Licorice Ferns thrive in humid climates. Held as a special plant to Native American tribes like the Shishalh, Comox and Nuxalk, this "sweet root" is chewed when fresh (for flavor) and it exhibits medicinal healing properties for colds and sore throats. This fern symbolizes fluidity and calmness as it stems from thick roots and grows out into beautiful, ornate leaves. As you listen to The Soil & the Sun's music and dig into their story, you’ll understand how their unique blend of gorgeous orchestrations explore matters of the unknown in life, yet remain heavily rooted in the intention of their curiosity. The record blooms into a wide array of sonic tapestries, and like the Licorice Fern, it always centers around a constant search and a need to grow and explore further.

Salted Caramels


It took a while to pry these tiny treasures out of our hands, so it's a feat in itself that these arrived safely in your package. These bite-sized pieces of sugary-sweet bliss are handcrafted with love by our dear friend, Adam Kennedy, of Broken Frame Bakery based in Portland, Oregon. Each batch is made to order by Adam’s own hands, so please take some pleasure in knowing that this exact recipe and these very morsels were made solely with you in mind. These caramels are a Listening Hour original. And they’re crafted with the purest organic ingredients, so you don't have to feel bad about it when you devour all of them in about 30 seconds. Our advice, however, is to savor them slowly while listening to the album. They pair especially well with the first half of the record.