Imagine nestling into a cozy chair, perhaps with a drink in hand and technology placed out of arm’s reach. Before the record player needle meets its intended destination, there’s just you, this moment and a beat of silence. You take a deep breath in, then out, reminding yourself this space is designated for recentering, focusing attention on the varying instrumental sounds and lyrics strung together to tell a story. With the ingredients that now lay in front of you, this becomes a space for exploration and discovery.

At Marmoset, we ourselves are purveyors of The Listening Hour, advocating for this state of meditative creativity once a week. For some, it may be about finding talking points to discuss with fellow listeners — for others, a moment to unplug or reflect internally. Or perhaps, dear listener, this hour means something entirely unique to you. We invite you to craft your own fitting sensory experience, gathering and taking away as much as you need. Any which way, thank you for joining us in The Listening Hour.