The Pairing Menu

Hand-curated treasures to enjoy while listening.


Jasmine Pearl Tea

This hand-rolled, Chinese Jasmine green tea is
a perfect complement to the soothing sounds of Sometimes. During the brewing process, the pearls go through what is called the “agony of the leaf,” tenderly unfurling and releasing their aroma into the steaming water. To achieve the sensual and fresh taste of Jasmine, the pearls are dried and combined with the night-blooming jasmine flower, which releases its essence into the leaves overnight during the tea- making process. This is repeated six nights over to ensure premium, aromatic tea. Similar to the lengthy process necessary to craft the perfect Jasmine Pearl, this album takes the listener on a long, introspective journey into the self. Sip this calming beverage while unfurling to the intimate sounds of Goldmund. A perfect pairing. 


Himalayan Salt Lamp

This ambient lamp made of pure, pink Himalayan salt brings a whole new meaning to the phrase “negative energy.” Its unique combination of light and salt produces negative ions—the ones that are found in lightning storms, sunlight, waterfalls and ocean waves. We’re no scientists, but negative ions have the power to neutralize positive ions—created by electronic devices like TVs and cellphones—which balances and purifies indoor environments. Ready to go with a USB power source, this lamp is a breath of fresh air—literally. We adorned our desks with the cleansing lamp while listening to “Windmills” and were transported to an open field filled with soft breezes, tall grass and an abundance of light. Plug in your lamp, turn up this record, and breathe in the good vibes.


Salted Lavender Caramels

It wasn’t easy parting with these tasty morsels
of goodness. Made with love at Alma Handmade Chocolates in Portland, Oregon, these caramels
are a heavenly combination of culinary lavender, Dominican dark chocolate and fleur de sel. Both lavender and dark chocolate are often used for medicinal purposes, and have been proven to reduce stress and help you relax. Mix this gooey, delightful treat with the ambient, sedative tones of Goldmund’s track “In the Byre” and you will be transported to a delicious nirvana of peace and serenity.



Zen Ball

Handmade in Thailand, the Zen Ball will turn your office space into a “transcen-desktop” experience. The smooth ball made from monkey pod wood channels the same sound and shape of the “fish drums” that are used by Buddhist monks—pretty much the chillest people on earth. The monks use rhythmic drumming during meditation to stay mindful and alert. To imitate this ancient Buddhist practice, simply use the thick end of the stick to tap the bottom of the ball in a recurrent pattern. Use the Zen Ball to play along with these hypnotizing tracks, and you might just reach monk-level status.



Naturally grown flowers like these run wild in the Pacific Northwest, covering the banks of rivers and streams and sprinkling remote fields that stretch for miles on end. The fragrance and aesthetic of this flora is as enchanting as it is tranquil—similar to the minimalistic sounds of Goldmund—and act as a reminder of the beauty that lies in simplicity. 


Palo Santo

Sustainably harvested from a mystical tree that originates in South America, Palo Santo sticks are known for their cleansing and curing abilities. The sweet, aromatic scent of the wood has also been said to bring good fortune to those open to its magic. When you light the wood, the uplifting scents of mint, vanilla and citrus encapsulate the room with a positive, inspired aura.


Bergamot Essential Oil

Originating in Bergamo, Italy and derived from
the fragrant Bergamot Orange, this essential oil—made in the Milwaukie, Oregon shop, Molly Muriel—is meant to promote freshness, creativity and positive energy. Pair it with the distant, gentle tones of Sometimes and we have a hunch you might experience the best creative groove you’ve had in months. Bergamot oil is also known to have ‘healing powers’—commonly believed to relieve fevers, alleviate anxiety and reduce depression—and can be paired with Goldmund’s soft tonalities to help put you at ease. Breathe it in, pour it in your bathwater, or rub a few drops on your skin to experience this majestic oil’s comforting effects.