The Pairing Menu

Hand-curated treasures to enjoy while listening.


Espolon Reposado Tequila

Lesson #1 in making a badass spirit to pair with a badass record? Marinate it in rock ‘n’ roll. Espolon does exactly that by literally playing rock music throughout their factories during their tequila-making process, jamming out while cooking the agave hearts. The process results in a smooth tequila that blends a strong flavor together with hints of tropical fruit and an undeniable swagger.

Cocktail Shaker

A margarita wouldn’t taste quite right unless shaken properly. And who keeps a cocktail shaker at their desk? Well, now you do! Feel free to shake and serve your margarita right where you sit. Combine all the marg-spired ingredients with a little ice and shake it all up to the bold beat of our favorite track from Pineapple Pizza, “Dollar Slice.”

Pok Pok's Turmeric Drinking Vinegar

Although some like their tequila straight, others may prefer a more balanced approach. With this in mind, we’ve included all the ingredients necessary to toss together a killer on-the-spot margarita, while enjoying this kick ass record. Complementing the sweetness and oak-aged finish of Espolon’s Reposado, the effervescence of Pok Pok’s Drinking Vinegar pairs perfectly with this tequila. Performing as a duet, the combination flows effortlessly together.



Shaken, strained over ice and served with a salt rim, the margarita is a staple at any bar or beach. The key ingredient to this famed cocktail is the lime—hence, the beautiful green sphere you’ll find in this box. Use it to pair with a round of tequila shots, garnish a margarita or squeeze over your next round of late night tacos—this fruit is clearly a jack of many trades that never disappoints.


Pizza Candle

We really wanted to find a way to include an actual pizza in this package for you. However, aside from going to some crazy extreme to battle the elements of shipping …we gave up, and hoped that maybe a pizza scented candle could suffice. Burn it as an appetizer while you wait for your next pizza delivery, or to set the mood for a romantic evening…if that’s your sort of thing. Either way, no matter how enticing it may smell, please remember to refrain from eating the candle.

Fleur De Hell Salt

Every classic margarita comes with a salted rim. However, much like the unique approach of this Death By Unga Bunga record, we’re not doing “classic” here. Fleur De Hell ghost pepper chili salt is going to blow your mind. The fiery, smoky flavor will ignite your cocktail to a level that cannot be mistaken for ordinary. As you craft your margarita, add a little salt to the rim for a spicy kick—or add more and set your taste buds ablaze. Let’s just say, if the volume of a margarita is usually 10, then Fleur de Hell will crank it up to 11.


Inflatable Drink Holder

Give your margarita swimming lessons with these inflatable drink holders. This set of three buoyant beverage rafts won’t tip over and will work with drinks of almost any size. Made to stay afloat in any body of water, wave goodbye (get it?) to boring coasters, and say hello to these stylish, convenient drink islands. 


Hawaiian Pizza Video

You spin me right round baby right round like a pizza baby, right round round round. Starring a Canadian bacon and pineapple pizza spinning like a record through space, this DVD is a pizza lover’s fantasy. Much like the good ol’ Yule Log, this is a full hour of non-stop pizza rotation on your screen. It’s the perfect addition to your next pizza-themed soirée.

Cocktail Umbrella

With summer in full swing, we all know the importance of protecting ourselves from those harmful UV rays. But what about your drink? These petite parasols are like sunblock for your beverage without the pesky white streaks.


Candied Pineapple Tidbits

The portability of a pineapple isn’t very practical, so we’ve deemed Candied Pineapple Tidbits the next best thing. With health benefits including improved eye health and energy, these tasty treats will keep your sight strong enough to see the stage in any venue, and your energy up so you can proceed to jam out late into the night—a perfect snack for any music lover.