The Pairing Menu

Hand-curated treasures to enjoy while listening.


Townshend's White Rose


Speaking of blossoms...this light, floral elixir, bottled by Thomas & Sons Distillery here in Portland, is the ideal supplement for any low key listening occasion. Distilled with Townshend Tea Company’s white tea and rose petals, this clean, velvety spirit is best enjoyed on the rocks or in a botanical-inspired cocktail. Sit back and revel in the small bursts of energy the hints of grapefruit and citrus will bring you when combined with the upbeat, rhythmic vibes of “Loves Coming.”


Coconut & Bergamot Body Cream  


This body cream by local Portland boutique, Live Botanical, contains many of the ingredients that come to mind when listening to Blossom’s music – a little floral, a bit tropical, and featuring a whole lot of warmth. Mixed with a delicate balance of wild harvested coconut oil, organic shea butter, locally sourced apricot kernel and Benzoin oil, this cream will help you soak in the positive energy you need to grow and thrive...or just keep your skin from getting dry. Massage the deeply hydrating cream on your skin and embrace the calming blend of this floral scent and Blossom’s intimate, affirming vocals.


Oregon Cherry Sparkling Candy


Made by Portland-based candy shop, Quin, these candies are little pillows of goodness, made with Oregon-grown cherries and some straight up magic. Let them act as a choose-your-own-adventure between a nice candy crunch or melt-in-your-mouth experience, and don’t be surprised when they hit your tastebuds with a lovely dose of effervescent sparkle. Cherries are known for being packed with antioxidants that help your body repair and renew, making these the perfect accompaniment to Blossom’s airy and refreshing R&B.


Solange Prayer Candle


Blossom cites Solange as one of her biggest inspirations, and it’s easy to see why. If there was any album last year that doubled as a significant piece of musical work and reflected the cultural and political landscape, Solange’s album, A Seat at the Table, would be a top contender. Touching on resistance, identity, and the Black female experience, Solange shared a new narrative with the mainstream, paving the way for Blossom’s own exploration in being strong and independent in today’s landscape. Play Blossom’s ode to self discovery, “U Got Me” and light this candle to channel your inner glow.

'Milk and Honey' by Rupi Kaur


This collection of poems by Indian-born Canadian writer, Rupi Kaur, touches on themes of love, loss and healing in simple passages that will linger with every turn of the page. Milk and Honey explores human experiences with an honesty and vulnerability that’s universal to any reader – not unlike the feelings Blossom expresses on Tease. Read a few poems as you listen to one of Blossom’s more reflective, introspective songs – like the minimal, groovy soul of “Superwoman” – and take some time to look inward.


Pocket Operator

Everyone does it – belts out their favorite guilty pleasure song while commuting to work in their car. It makes for fun times and awkward speeding ticket photos. Blossom sings in the car, too, but she turns her car vocals into silky smooth R&B songs. She’s said in interviews that she takes beats given to her by producers like HOT16 and plays them when she’s commuting, where she’ll start singing to form a complete song. We don’t condone beat making and driving, but this calculator-sized gadget fits right in your pocket, making it ideal for creating beats on the go – like on your lunch break. Channel your inner music producer with this handy device and make your own beats for your next car singing experience.