The Pairing Menu

Hand-curated treasures to enjoy while listening.


Lone Star Beer

In 1884, Lone Star produced its first beer out of their brewery in San Antonio, Texas. The first of its kind, Lone Star beer isn’t just a highly drinkable, refreshing libation, but a historic relic, perfected from more than 100 years of brewing. Using hops from the Pacific Northwest and brewed in Texas, it’s like these bottles have a piece of Matthew Logan Vasquez combined with Marmoset in every sip -- not to be weird, or anything. So, when the going gets tough, we recommend you grab a friend, turn on “Tall Man,” and crack these babies open -- remembering that this too shall pass.

Pendleton + Alma PB&J Bar

On the album’s second song, “Fatherhood,” Vasquez reflects on the life-changing experience of first-time parenthood. Sometimes, being a dad means bringing out your inner child and, while not all of us can relate, we can all use a reminder of what it’s like to be a kid again -- days when play dates were abundant, naps were frequent and responsibilities were few. Give yourself a moment to reminisce on the good ‘ol days with this spin on the classic PB&J made by Pendleton and Portland-based chocolatier, Alma Chocolate. Chances are you’ll find that you may not be a kid anymore, but the sugar rush stays the same.


Epic Wagyu Beef Steak Strip


Made in Vasquez’s hometown of Austin, Texas, this delicious, organic Wagyu steak strip is fuel for the wanderer in all of us. With origins stemming from Japan, Wagyu cattle is known for its superior flavor and quality. Aside from the nourishing factor, this southwestern delicacy inhabits the free spirit of the Wild West. Whether you’re on a 10 mile hike or just trying to get through the rest of the work day, let this back-to-basics snack perk you up and give you the energy of a thousand bulls.  



Coffee Scrub

Everyone can benefit from a wake up call once in awhile -- whether it’s a metaphorical one like Vasquez’s song, “The Fighter,” or literally rubbing coffee on your face. This highly caffeinated exfoliating scrub increases blood flow and circulation to perk up your senses and smooth out your skin, opening the door to a new beginning. Use this scrub first thing in the morning to start off your day on the right foot, or sneak in a mid-day spa treatment during the 3 o’clock slump. Both balanced and refreshing, this isn’t your average coffee break.

Rattlesnake Mug

Just like a rattlesnake bite, Does What He Wants stings before it heals. Known for their venomous fangs and threatening warning sound, rattlesnakes tend to get a bad rap. But what most people don’t know is that this snake’s spirit animal is connected to primal energy and life force. In fact, in many cultures, the rattlesnake symbolizes healing, transformation and opportunity. When you drink from this mug, let yourself be filled with the tenacity to tackle life’s problems and soak in the snake’s healing abilities… or just scare whoever’s sitting next to you.


Bolo Tie

Crafted by Look Out Bolo in Portland, Oregon, this bolo tie is a one of a kind wardrobe staple handmade from vintage jewelry found all over the world. Dating back to the late 1800s, the bolo tie was worn by cowboys and travelers in the Wild West, and has since spread its influence across the country, adorning the necks of fashion-forward folks everywhere. No matter where you are, let this bolo channel your inner (or outer) wild side and serve as a reminder of the rugged, uncharted territory out there, waiting to be explored.