Highlights From a Groundbreaking Quarter!


Every quarter…

We issue payment to artists whose work was licensed within that time period, it’s a time for recognizing all the hard work transpired in those past months. When all said and done, we’re just as thrilled to be sending off each check as the artist who is receiving it. So this sense of pride and elation couldn’t be contained when this quarter rolled around. Here’s why.

This past quarter was Marmoset’s largest payout ever — the total payout amount tallying at $1.4 million dollars. All issued to those artists who licensed that quarter.

Why is this number significant and important to Marmoset as a music agency? The obvious answer is it proves our artists are able to see a return on the music they’ve licensed through us. Beyond this, the payout represents the different ways our artists are receiving more exposure for their creative work, their music being paired with noteworthy creative projects in every medium.

To celebrate this groundbreaking quarter, we’re sharing some of the finished work featuring a variety of recently licensed music. While we do always ask our clients to share their final projects with us, finished videos don’t always end up in our hands due to factors like tight deadlines or clients moving onto the next big project. While we do our best to scour the internet for finished videos, we occasionally may miss one or two! In which case, if ever stumbling across a finished video featuring your licensed music, we invite you to share your findings with us so we can be equally loud and proud when sharing highlighting you as an artist.

Helpful tip: When searching for projects on our end, we’re using information that can be found within our artist dashboard (i.e. End Client, Project Name).

“Telemicroscope” by Shanghai Restoration Project // Apple

“Moving On” by Soul City // Samsung

“Green Light Red Light” by Top Lady // Toyota

“Dancing Tonight” by Friendship Park // Wag! Dog Walking

“Rhyme” by Blossom // Spotify

“Action Slackson” by Goon Party // Queen America

“LDR”  by  Goldwash  //  REI

“LDR” by Goldwash // REI

“Any Way You Do”  by  Linda Brannon  (Vintage Artist) //  NFL

“Any Way You Do” by Linda Brannon (Vintage Artist) // NFL

With this, we wanted to say congratulations. Thank you for trusting us with your music.