Get Your Collaborators Paid Out Automatically!


Do you have several rights holders on a song? What’s a rights holder you may be wondering — this can be anyone who’s served as a  writer, producer or even record label involved in your music’s production.

When signing our Artist Agreement, you are also agreeing to pay out any other rights holders or anyone else who should be receiving compensation for a song once it’s licensed.

This might seem like a logistical headache but don’t worry, Marmoset has an easy way to manage paying a song’s rights holders. By adding those rights holders and partners in our system, we can handle the payout process automatically on your behalf. How does it work? Simply send us a message with any partners’ contact information, along with the splits for the songs. And that’s it! Once we have this information, we can put the proper paperwork in place and ensure each rights holder is compensated fairly once your music is licensed, making that one less task to mark off your list.