Artist Spotlight: Fritzwa

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Fritzwa has been slayin’ the licensing game! With her background in marketing, music and her time spent at Nike, she's experienced both the artist and client side of the industry. Because of this, Marmoset wanted to celebrate and share Fritzwa's unique story with the rest our the music community.

Born and raised in the Lower East Side (East Village) of New York, Fritzwa always demonstrated a passion for bringing music to life. Growing up playing and performing piano, Fritzwa learned guitar in high school — she even began taking up the bass two years ago. Alongside her own musical practice, Fritzwa developed a love for older music at a very young age; while her peers would be listening to Backstreet Boys, she was jamming to the likes of Stevie Wonder and The Chi-Lites on her Discman. It was only a matter of time before Fitzwa would release her first studio album in 2011/2012, the album being titled Case Based, named after her Case Studies throughout Business School.

Initially Fritzwa envisioned staying and working in NYC due to the city’s robust music industry and opportunities. However, the artist was juggling prioritizing having a trade/career at the same time; it was something she credits to her West African parentage (her father being from Ghana and her mother from Sierra Leone). Because of such factors, being a full-time musician was not in the cards for the artist just yet, therefore she found her way to Portland, Oregon after accepting a job with Nike on their Global Brand Marketing Team.

After several years working alongside Nike, Fritzwa decided that she wouldn’t leave her day job for a mere hobby. Instead, she would pour all her time and dedication into becoming a successful musical artist. Knowing her parents would be disappointed in her departure from a steady job to possibly struggle in the music business caused Fritzwa to weigh her options carefully, only leaving Nike once confident in beginning this new chapter. Of course, this doubt and uncertainty remained at the back of the artist's mind.

Luckily for Fritzwa, these worries were unfounded. After hitting the music scene and networking with musicians all over Portland, Fritzwa scoped out potential bandmates for her live band. In the meantime, she flew back to New York to record and piece together her album, Avenue |A| with her producer Frans Mernick — Mernick has worked with Tyler, The Creator, ILoveMakonnen, Justin Timberlake, Justin Bieber and many others.\

Fritzwa attributes her success and accomplishments to how she was raised: not being afraid to make time and dedicate to her work. In an effort to tighten up performances, Fritzwa records all of her shows in order to play the audio back and analyze later. Currently, Fritzwa has performed over 50 shows throughout the Northwest, including Hawthorne Theatre and headlining at Doug Fir Lounge.

What next for the musician? Los Angeles! With Fritzwa Marketing & Business background, she’ll be taking her love for music and creativity to the sunny West Coast city. There she’ll continue collaborating with other creatives across various fields. Marmoset and fans will want to stay tuned for other exciting feats unfolding for Fritzwa.