Portal Walk Through

At Marmoset one of our goals is providing our artists with as much useful information as possible about their music and the licenses that follow. To find this information easily, we’re breaking down the steps on how to find and access the artist portal tool.

First, log into the artist portal by going to http://www.marmosetmusic.com/manage

Your login username will be your email address.

If you’ve forgotten your password, you can reset this by clicking the silhouetted avatar icon (top, right side of the site).

Once logged in, if not immediately taken to your dashboard, you can then click Marmoset's “Artist Portal” link at the top of the page’s navigation.


On the dashboard page you will see a list of your most recent licenses. To see more licenses, you can click “View all sales.”

To get full details on any specific licenses, please click “View” on the right side of the column.

Let’s take a look at an example:

Skidmore unpaid web.jpg

Artist - You!

Song Version - Song title

Line Item Type - This line will entail the type of license. If handled by our Creative Licensing Team, this may say “Custom License” or “Small Business License (1-20 employees) if purchased directly from the website.

Payout Amount - The payout amount we’ll be sending you for the license.

Expected Payout Date - The date we will send the payout check or direct deposit for a license.

Processed Date - The date paperwork was originally submitted for a license and when we made an agreement with the client.

Usage - This is the medium in which the video will be used:

Unpaid web - lives on a website or YouTube organically

Paid web - the client pays to have the video run as pre-roll/mid-roll video

Social Media Use - Instagram/Snapchat, etc.

Broadcast - TV

Cable/Regional/Local - TV

Industrial - business to business materials

Internal - not for the public: company presentations, videos, training

Trade Show - self-explanatory

Cinema - ads that run in theaters before movies

Generally, TV usage will be the highest price with Paid Web following. However, each license is negotiated on a case by case basis depending on the client, the company size, usage, terms, and territory.

Term - This is the length of the license; can be for as little as one day or as long as perpetual.

Territory - This often will come into play for  TV usage or Paid Web(i.e. is it national/regional/local?).

End Client - This represents the company the video/radio spot is for.

Job Name - This is the name the client and we use to reference the spot. Oftentimes the “job name” can be used for finding the video. If you search for the “end client” and “job name” sometimes you can find the final video (unfortunately, our clients don’t always share the finished projects with us).

Order ID - This is our (Marmoset’s) reference number for this license. If you have any questions about a license, this is the number to reference when reaching out.


Other things you can do within the Artist Dashboard:

- See how many times your songs have been listened to, downloaded, and licensed. *Note: When a song has been downloaded it means the lo-res temp files of your song have been downloaded by the client to be temporarily placed within  their project (usually along with a small handful of other songs). This is positive and an expected step in music licensing; typically the higher number of downloads, the more likely your song will be licensed.

We pride ourselves on transparency, striving to deliver useful information to each artist. Nonetheless, we are always looking for ways to expand our artist portal functionality! If you have any feedback or suggestions on any features you’d like to see added to or improved upon in the portal, we’d love to hear from you.