Artist Resources 


As a company, we get together regularly to reflect and evaluate in what ways we can better support our artists and our community at large. As these meetings have become more and more frequent, we’ve accumulated a bucket list of ways to get more involved with our artists and our greater community. In 2018 we plan to make as much of a positive impact as we possibly can — all that to say, we’ve declared supporting our community as our purpose, and dear friends, that includes you.

In 2017, the beginnings of this initiative were born. As a company, Marmoset volunteered quarterly at numerous local Portland non-profit organizations. We spent some time at the Oregon Food Bank and also P:ear, a mentorship program for homeless youth. We’re also very excited to announce we’ve been making monthly donations, from our own portion of the largest licenses, to incredible non-profit organizations that we’re inspired by and feel have an immense positive impact within our community. Just in 2017 alone, we were able to donate over $60k to non-profits that we believe in.

In 2018, we plan to expand our efforts with the creation of “All Staff In-Service Days” where Marmoset will close its doors for one day, in order for employees to volunteer their time off-site. We will also be expanding our donation programs to ensure they are comprehensive, while working with the selected organizations to place a spotlight on their mission and programs.

All this to say — as our artists, you are not only a part of our community, but a part of the Marmoset family. We would love to include you in these efforts as well! If you have organizations you are passionate about and believe could use our support, we would love to hear about them! Additionally, if you would like to join us in volunteering endeavors, we would absolutely love to have you come along. Reach out to with ideas or interest.

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