Roster Needs


Even with all the curation Marmoset has done to find some of the best songs on the planet, there’s constantly new music trends we're finding, and genres in our roster that we need more of. Here, we’ll outline a few things we are currently looking for based on what we’ve been seeing lately.

One current trend we’re seeing right now: a lot of requests for light, tropical indie dance music. Songs like Jain’s “Makeba” and Sofi Tukker’s “Drinkee,” with their bouncy, electronic tropical flavor. A little nod to Latin percussion rhythms can help go a long way with adding this sought-after element to your song.

We’re also looking for certain sub-genres of hip hop, like an old school, early ‘80s-sounding style with 8-bit Casio square wave tones and drum machine beats. We get requests for old school stuff regularly and we need more of it. Straight up Billboard Top 40-style hip hop is becoming a common request, too — songs that  are hard hitting and feel contemporary, in the vein of Jay-Z, Dr. Dre, Run The Jewels, etc. Additionally, there’s even another sub-genre of hip hop we like to call riff-hop, where there’s electric guitar rock riffs with big hip hop beats underneath it. Riff-hop always seems to be in demand for licensing.  

In general, we need more female-fronted music. What’s ideal for the female vocalist to sing? Well, our common lyrical themes doc is full of the topics we see the most. Another trend we’re seeing a lot of is songs that take female vocals and process them to create an electro-glitch-synth sound. This is something you hear in a lot of contemporary pop music — a cool example of a project that used a song like this is the Apple’s “iPhone 7 + AirPods – Stroll” ad featuring the song “Down” by Marian Hill. 

Finally, we’ve realized we need more songs that are edgy, gritty and in-your-face. We even added an "aggressive" tag to the search function on our website recently, so this cool edgy stuff can be easier for our clients to find.