Artists Community Newsletter #002 // Tips & Tricks for Sync Licesnsing

It doesn’t need to be difficult to write sync-friendly songs that increase your odds of landing in a brand campaign or short film. Here’s a few things to think about when writing with sync licensing in mind.


Create Dynamic Arcs

The crescendos, energy and arc of a song are the most important features supervisors are listening for when selecting music for sync placement. Good music helps tell the story; there’s nothing that makes a film fall flat faster than a song that doesn’t develop when put against it. The song should always be developing and feel like it’s building or going somewhere. It’s a good rule of thumb for a new sound or texture to enter every two bars — even if it’s a subtle shift, the music becomes more dynamic and engaging. This is particularly true in advertisements, where instrumental-only songs are licensed more frequently than songs with lyrics.


Pay Attention to the Lyrics

Even though instrumental songs are more commonly licensed, lately we’ve been fielding more lyrical search requests centered around a particular phrase or theme. When writing lyrics for picture, there are some universal themes are good to keep in mind. Here’s a list of common lyrical themes that come up in searches, and we’ve included the most common topics below.  

  • Change

  • Discover

  • Meeting someone

  • Happiness

  • Moving forward

  • Self expression


Follow Music Trends

Finally, staying on top of musical trends is crucial, as creative agencies are always chasing the next trend in pop culture. We recommend taking a look at the YouTube leaderboard. Compiled monthly, this aggregates the top advertisements of a given month and is a powerful tool for gaining insight into ad trends.