Artist Community Newsletter #002 // Customizable Songs = More Opportunities for Your Music

Our Music Supervisors are getting more and more search requests from clients who need to know that songs are "customizable," (read: songs that you are open to Marmoset and/or clients adjusting and that you can provide the stems to quickly). Having your songs marked as such means that they could be included in these searches.

When clients are customizing songs, often times they are making small changes to the mix so they can make the songs fit better with the existing audio on the video (voice over, etc.). Other times, they might be removing one element that doesn’t work with their project — like if they don’t want banjo or a certain type of instrument. More often than not, these projects tend to be high dollar projects, so it’s a good thing if we can mark your songs as customizable.


To mark your songs as customizable, we need to have them fit the following criteria:

  • You are open to the song being customized by Marmoset or our clients.    

  • You can deliver stems for the song to us within 24 hours (this most likely means you have stems on hand, and not that you have to get them from an engineer).

  • You are able to print your stems with all of the effects and EQs used in your mixes. When your stems are played together, they should sound like your final mix. Stems should be in instrument groups (guitars, drums, synths, lead vocals, background vocals, etc.) 

    • If you’re uncertain as to what “print your stems” means, please feel free to contact us directly and we can give you an in-depth explanation.

If you have any songs already on our website that should be marked as customizable and aren't, please let us know. If you want to send us stems to have on hand, we would love to have them — that would make things faster in the future and we wouldn't have to bother you for them if a client requests them.