Artist Community Newsletter #001 // Artist Portal Feature Updates

Capture 2017-06-02 at 15.09.42.png

First, we removed the graphic sales chart, and replaced it with an expanded “Recent Sales” section, which now shows your 15 most recent licenses (up from 5 previously).  

We’ve also heard from artists that it was hard to figure out when licenses would be paid and what check each license could be found on, so in both the “Recent Sales” and the “View All Sales” sections of the Portal, there is now  a column showing “Expected Payout Date." This should not be confused with the  “Processed Date,”  which refers to the date the license was finalized with the client.

In addition, if you click “View” on any license in the “Recent Sales” or “Vendor Sales” sections, this will show you all of the details for that license -- including the expected payout date, the “Usage” (television, digital, social media, web, industrial, etc.), the “Term” (how long the license is for), the “Territory” (where it will be used, regional, national, worldwide, etc.), and the “Job Name” (this can be very helpful for tracking down the videos). 

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Lastly, for those of you who use our downloadable .csv files (from the “Vendor Sales” page),  these new license details are also included in the .csv’s for all your spreadsheet and tracking fun. Exciting, right? We will continue to try to make our Artist Portal easier to use and packed with more info. We will also continue to listen to your feedback and hopes for this area -- please feel free to reach out anytime with questions or thoughts to: