Get to Know the A&R Team: Frankie Simone + Steve!

Steve and Frankie-9625.jpg

Who are you and where are you from?

S: Hey, hey! I’m Steve Schroeder. I moved around the midwest a lot (Minnesota, Illinois, Kentucky, Ohio) as a young person and went to high school in Los Angeles. I’ve been living in Portland for about 20 years. I once drove to the Arctic Circle for spring break in a Nissan Maxima.

FS: Oh, hi there! My name is Frankie Simone. I like to sing, dance, drink green juice and I honestly dislike long walks on the beach (I’d much rather be in the water). I’m originally from a small beach town in the southernmost part of California, but I’ve spent the past 10 years living all up and down the west coast, touring, and am now grateful to call Portland home.


What’s your role at Marmoset?

S: I’m the A&R Curation Manager. I make sure all the songs, photos, etc. that you send to Marmoset get up on the website. I also keep a top down view of our roster to make sure we have the music we are getting requests for from our creative clients.

FS: Your low key best friend here at Marmoset - aka the A&R Community Ambassador! But really, my job is to be here for you. I’m happy to connect, chat and answer questions you may have about the roster, your music, and Marmoset as a whole, anytime.


Can you tell us about your history with music outside of Marmoset?

S: In my late teens and early twenties I was constantly inspired by the DIY music scene and indie labels. I also had a group of friends who made amazing music that was my favorite music in the world. So, I started a small record label called States Rights Records with the goal of putting out someone else’s favorite music from my humble operation here in Portland. It was my main job for something like eight years. We were a very active participant in Portland and the greater northwest indie music scene for a long time. I’ve also spent time as a tour manager on the road with bands.

FS: I’ve sang and written songs since as far back as I can remember. When I was really young, my sister used to ask me to make up songs about i.e. Broccoli, and I would make up (what I thought was) a really dope song about Broccoli. I played in bands in high school and college and since moving to Portland (three years ago), started a solo pop project that I plan to tour a bit in 2018! Needless to say, I’m obsessed with music and am seriously passionate about helping fellow artists make a living in this industry.


What’s your favorite thing about music?

S: I like it when it surprises me, and when the music is doing something I’ve never hear before. Honestly, I always hear melodies before I hear lyrics.

FS: My favorite thing about music is how many types of different music exists in the world! And that we all continue making more and more different music. It’s pretty magical.


Favorite concert experience?

S: This is truly hard. Maybe some punk concert when I was a teen, like the Epitaph Summer Nationals at the Hollywood Paladium in 1994 where my glasses got smashed in the pit. Or, I saw Beck being truly weird at a small all ages venue in Koreatown before “Loser” blew up. Or, it has to be one of the twenty something times I’ve seen Guided by Voices and shouting along those amazing songs during the 3rd encore. But also definitely Sade. Sade is the coolest ever.

FS: My favorite concert experience would have to be Hurray for the Riff Raff, where I got to get on stage, in front of about 1,000 people, and propose to my partner!