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Journey of the Marmoset Dollar


If growing up in the era of strip malls, one may recall those plastic funnel donation “wells” where someone tosses in a coin, watching as it gracefully spins multiple laps until spiraling to the bottom. But what exactly was the coin’s final destination, the overarching impact of these donations?

To know where one’s money is going — where it actually ends up — is the ultimate consumer superpower. Digging deeper into what a business stands for, a purchase could mean casting a vote, exercising a voice to advocate for change, positivity — or the opposite in a lot of cases. For example, buying an outfit at Wildfang not only supports their day to day operation costs, it contributes to their $400K giving to organizations like Planned Parenthood, ACLU, RAICES (and many others).

This is the type of transparency Marmoset is all about, because licensing a song for your video or hiring us to compose original music doesn’t mean just paying for the music itself, it’s a contribution to the community. It means supporting real working musicians, filmmakers and artists while advocating for the nonprofits we partner with, admire and support.

And so, we’d like to share with you the journey of a dollar at Marmoset. It’s a journey we’re proud to be living — it means staying connected through art, music, compassion and creativity. It’s the kind of journey we’re proud to keep going.

We Support Community

Marmoset Music Licensing Original Music Production.gif

A creative music agency, Marmoset’s collection of music spans across every genre imaginable, from hip hop to orchestral instrumentals, psychedelic cumbia to nostalgic r&b. Since the first moment we opened our doors, our purpose steadfastly remains in community — sharing in our values, our passion and dedication toward art. It means celebrating each artists’ uniqueness, the differences that defines us as individuals and the creation of remarkable music.

As we continue to flourish, to grow and evolve, we warmly welcome artists, clients, creative collaborators, community organizers of all walks of life — because we believe in the power of inclusivity. We champion for artists of all different kinds, types, expressions and backgrounds — especially those who’ve traditionally been held down, marginalized, exploited or viewed as an underdog within the music industry.

Empowering one another, listening to the stories of struggles and success that’s made us who we are, and never hesitating to lift one another up through positivity — this is what the Marmoset community is all about.

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Marmoset Goes on Holiday Break

The Marmoset Team in Portland, Oregon — 2018

The Marmoset Team in Portland, Oregon — 2018

Another year wrapped means another round of memories, the highs lows and everything in-between. But before we hit the ground running in 2019, the Marmoset Team is winding down momentarily for the annual holiday break.

We’ll officially be kicking back with our loved ones, traveling, dabbling in our own creative projects and have some amazing stories to share in January.

We’ll be out of office from December 20th - January 1st, to return January 2, 2019.

  • That doesn’t mean you can’t send us your messages, for urgent creative project/quote inquiries, you can reach us at

    • Please note response time will vary — we’ll do our very best to meet urgent requests.

  • For non-urgent inquiries, you can reach us here!

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Reinventing a Classic, Marmoset’s Original Music Team Goes Metal


What do Rick Astley, Britney Spears, The B-52’s and Johnny Cash have in common? They’ve all been masterfully parodied and recreated by Marmoset’s in-house composers, Greg Jong and Graham Barton.

Throughout the winter season many of us find a warm familiarity in classics like Dean Martin’s “Let It Snow” or the baritone of Bing Crosby’s vocals. It’s all very soothing, traditional and well, nice.

Getting into the holiday spirit, Marmoset’s Original Music Team took on the challenge of reinventing a classic for kicks; a song to evoke an energetic physical reaction that can best be defined as raging out — to compliment and balance the softer side of the holidays, of course. A musical creation that would be something for everyone, from caroler devotees to metal enthusiasts.

Using a very basic template structure, the Original Music Team brought to life six song variations, all wildly different yet recognizable in their individual style. After a few intense studio hours, the team created genre-spanning versions of the old favorite “Deck the Halls”— it included channeling folk rock legend Johnny Cash and pop sensation Britney Spears. The ultimate final version entailed a mashup with a traditional choir structure intercutting with themes of metal.

Spearheaded by Marmoset’s in-house Original Music Team, the song illustrates how something can be deconstructed and then musically reinvented to be drastically different — all while following the exact same chordal structure and tempo.

Leading up to the new year we’ll be releasing each entertaining variation on Instagram (stay tuned). In the meantime, please enjoy our Original Music Team’s metal version — we recommend peeking at the before template to get the gist of just what they were working with before composing the metal version. Enjoy and happy holidays!



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Original Music and Filmmaking Come Together for A/VEC 5

Filmmaking and original musical composition are two creative worlds that intermix every day at Marmoset.


With every notable film throughout history in the accompaniment of an outstanding soundtrack (or even sound design), we recognize this creative friendship, coming together as a community to celebrate Marmoset’s fifth installment of A/VEC. This year we brought together two talented artists, filmmaker Claudia Meza and Luz Mendoza of Y La Bamba.

Meza’s background in documentary filmmaking, her roots rest firmly in music. It was in this medium where Meza found another calling and natural obsession for video production. After working alongside She Shreds magazine, Meza began shooting content on the fly, naturally falling in tune with documentary style filmmaking.

Gathered at Marmoset headquarters, the short film shines a light on the unseen, backbreaking physical labor performed by migrant workers every day in the United States. It's a poetic testimonial transcending the general outlook of immigration, presenting an experimental yet informative documentary that never compromises identities.

“Trabajo pesado, what that means is hard work, it means heavy work,” says Meza. “And whenever your parents tell you to study, or tell you what they're doing for you so you don’t have to do — Trabajo pesado.”

The audio heartbeat of the film is within Y La Bamba's original music created just for this special event and scored live on the night of the A/VEC community screening; the purple light that cascades over Mendoza and her band is emotively symbolic of America’s aching, turbulent grasp of its immigrant issue. It’s an evening that pays homage to lineage, history, roots, culture and art — click PLAY on the video above to experience it yourself.

Migrant workers depicted in Director Claudia Meza’s A/VEC short film — premiered at Marmoset Headquarters.

Migrant workers depicted in Director Claudia Meza’s A/VEC short film — premiered at Marmoset Headquarters.

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Giving Tuesday: Jam Out While Giving Back

Marmoset partners with Kairos .jpg

A creative music agency with our roots in community, Marmoset is always on the go when it comes to partnering with impactful organizations — aligning our passion for music and the arts with everyone we meet.

If you’ve been following our latest journey with Give!Guide and our partnership with KairosPDX, you’ll know November has full of advocating for all good things (just as a reminder, we’re matching every donation up to 10k to help Kairos reach their 25k goal before January — learn how you can help them get there). The donating extravaganza is all part of Give!Guide’s mission in promoting the act of giving as both rewarding but more importantly, totally accessible; it doesn’t matter one’s age or financial status, the act of giving bypasses the quantifiable measurement of the actual donation. It all matters.

With these non-profits aligning with a new generation of givers, new opportunities to play an active role within the community arise ; there’s a cultivating of motivation, planting the seeds for future social care and attention. It’s truly a nurturing avenue reminding everyone of their responsibility to their “neighbor,” a reminder we’re all this together.

So on November 27th, Giving Tuesday, the global recognized day of giving, Marmoset is reinforcing the long-lasting value in what Kairos does every day: fostering an environment where marginalized groups can receive an outstanding education, to then go out and apply such principles to the outside world. Kairos is a non-profit normalizing the access to quality educational resources and diminishing inequity in the process; their impact doesn’t stop during school hours, it’s far reaching, offering up after school programs helping kids tap into their creative potential — “After Care” being one of the more recent programs that wrapped recently.

The program offered first graders to third graders an opportunity to create original beats and rhymes, producing and recording a collection of music. The result is a compilation of music overflowing with playful, uninhibited ingenuity. We think you should check it out for yourself.

On this Giving Tuesday, we know you’ll already by thinking of ways to give. We hope you’ll check out the Give!Guide page and donate to a cause that speaks to you and what you hold dear.

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