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Tonight's A/VEC Events Brings Together Both Musician and Filmmaker


The fifth installment of A/VEC is tonight at Marmoset headquarters. Need a reminder of what A/VEC is? We’ve got you covered. Let’s take a trip down memory lane.

Last year’s A/VEC installment brought together the talents of filmmaker Jennifer Reeder (whose film, A Millions Miles Away was screened at Sundance Film Festival) and Marmoset artist, Secret Drum Band.

The two artists’ identities were kept a secret until the night of the reveal — it’s a true testament of how art can be interpreted so vastly differently based on one’s personal experiences. With Secret Drum Band creating an original score to accompany Reeder’s finished film, the finish line entails the mergence of a single cinematic experience.

You’ll want to catch our recap short film highlighting the collaboration. Check it out here —

A reminder this event is RSVP only so don’t forget to get your name on the list before time runs out. Can’t make it? We’ll miss you but stay tuned for our behind the scenes film capturing the creation process and premiere.

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Journal Takeover: Jamie Goes to Pickathon

Marmoset Pickathon 2.JPG

Last week we introduced our sponsorship and anticipation for Pickathon Festival. As we set up our tents and camping gear on Pendarvis farm, we nestled into our home for the next few days. It's an unforgettable experience to many who were in attendance and a journey best described from a first-person perspective from a long time admirer of Pickathon (and other festivals). And so, we asked Jamie McMullen, one of Marmoset's Music Licensing Coordinator to capture her experience in her own words.

In this special edition of this journal takeover, Jamie guides us through her story with music and her arrival at what festivals like Pickathon mean to her. Read below to discover more:

Jamie McMullen, Music Licensing Coordinator

Jamie McMullen, Music Licensing Coordinator

I remember my early adolescence in Providence, Rhode Island. I would have sleepovers at my friend’s house on the east side of town. We would walk across the city and pay $5 on a Friday night to see live music at either Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel (the Westminster St. location) or the non-profit artist residency, AS220, that still stands strong today. I remember attending the free summer concerts that Brown University's radio station, WBRU, put on each year at India Point Park.

My love for music has been strong since I could walk and this was the first experience of seeing it in my community. In front of me. Experiencing live music at this age was so crucially important to me and has helped shape who I am as a musician, music lover and the chosen career path I am on today.

It does not go unnoticed to me that Pickathon brings this experience to children, adolescents and adults of all ages. Unfortunately, Portland has lost a handful of all ages venues and DIY spaces (shout out to The Artistery!) due to the inevitable gentrification of the city the last handful of years. I am relieved to know that Pickathon is here to stay and gives an opportunity to help shape our youth’s love for music. And It is here to revive every adult's love for music as well — including myself.

Pickathon Marmoset 1.JPG

If you aren't young already, you will feel young again when at Pickathon. When there, you find yourself charged up with an infinite amount of energy to catch as many music sets as possible, to take in the experience with the people around you. It's a time to feel inspired and recharged spiritually over and over again. I even overheard people calling it "Tenderfest".

For one small weekend, the worry and hardships I all too often carry around, disappear into the woods. People really do come together for the sake of music, nature and humanity’s bond — 20-year-old hipsters, families with tiny babies and children, and couples in their 70s are all in attendance. Almost every artist I saw perform mentioned how incredible the opportunity was to play at this magic festival.

A few clients of mine soon became friends this weekend. Five of us girls spent an entire day and night running around like teenagers — it felt so freeing. Together, we explored the psychedelic installations hanging from the trees and the light show that was displayed over the white canopy of sails that decorated the sky at night. I felt the Mali group, Tinariwen, put me in a trance with their hypnotic rhythms. I was captivated by The Weather Station's Tamara Lindeman, as I related to the stories in her songs. I laughed a lot. And you bet I cried my eyes out when Phosphorescent played "Song for Zula" to a congregation of people in the forest.

There were many more perfect moments in between the ones I mentioned, but I will keep them to myself. My soul needed a weekend such as this — it needed camping, being surrounded by music and other souls who were equally filled to the brim with all of the good vibes. Hopefully next year, you can join me in this memorable kind of journey at Pickathon. 

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Portland's Summer Scene: Catch These Shows Around Town!

It's official. Summer has arrived. 

If you're not listening to music while floating down a body of water or while relaxing on a warm beach — in the company of several hundred other people — is it really summer at all?

Whatever you decide to do over the next couple months, don't forget to support your local music scene. We've got the complete Portland list below so you can get up and go! For each performance, we've curated summer visuals to capture what each artist's vibe resembles.  Which one aligns with your summer vibe? 

Marmoset Tribe Mars

Who: Tribe Mars

Where: Mississippi Studios

When: July 6th, 2018

Buy Tickets Here

What the artist sounds like: Soulful and hip-hop rooted, Tribe Mars can best be described as smooth and easy-listening.  Walking on clouds, Tribe Mars creates a feeling of transcending above everything. Like a long sweat-drenched hike with no end in sight, there's an elated moment of tranquilness as you emerge above nature, the city, all life below you. Listen to  "Soul Syrup" to channel a revelatory change in scenery. 



Who: Jeremy Enigk

Where: Doug Fir Lounge

When: July 11th, 2018

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What the artist sounds like: Orchestral rock, relish in the rebellious and carefree soundscape of Enigk's work. "Late of Camera" emotes that feeling of hopping chain linked fences to sneak into closed swimming pools — it's that adrenaline pumping moment before jumping into the cool water. 

Cannonball! Mamroset.jpg
Lemuria Marmoset Summer.jpg

Who: Lemuria

Where: Holocene

When: August 5th, 2018

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What the artist sounds like: Indie rock with a dash of punk, Lemuria is a group that's constantly reinventing themselves and their sound. Songs like "More Tunnel" make us feel in touch with our confident side. Just like being immersed in the vast ocean before surfing to shore, it's that moment of letting self-doubt go and owning the waves.


Who: Blossom

Where: Mississippi Studios 

When: August 24th, 2018

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What the artist sounds like: Both fiery and cool, Blossom's vocals are timeless while still being at the top today's game. The laid back mood that permeates off of Blossom's music channels our summer cruising vibes. "Video" is that partial sun-kissed feeling with our feet hanging out of the car window — it's about kicking back and enjoying summer's fleeting moments. 

Blossom Cruising Summer.jpg
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Springtime Lineup: Portland Edition

We've only got sunshine on our minds. And this weather has got us wanting to get up and move — each month we roll out new music along with what musicians are playing where. We've done the legwork, compiling all the details on how to catch these trending Marmoset artists around town. 

Portland .png


Fritzwa Marmoset Portland Shows

Fritzwa headlines two shows in May:

Mississippi Pizza

8:00 PM // May 17, 2018

Mississippi Studio

9:00 PM // May 29, 2018

The Hugs

The Hugs

Doug Fir

9:00 PM // April 26, 2018

Tents Marmoset
Shelter Red

Shelter Red

Doug Fir

9:00 PM // June 8, 2018

Cardioid Marmoset Spring


Doug Fir

8:00 PM //  June 13, 2018

Artist Spotlight: Fritzwa

Fritzwa artist.jpg

Soulful, insightful, intelligent, fierce — Fritzwa is the emerging force Portland counts lucky to have within their music circle. With roots in NYC's Lower East Side, the R&B-inspired artist’s background is enriched in the arts. Her childhood composed of everything from dance to piano lessons — the perfect storm for relentless creative pursuit in self expression only an artist can fully understand. 

Despite her youth, Fritzwa has already shown clear evolution, her music a testament to fearless acceptance of change. Looking to one of her earlier music projects, "FDR Drive" incorporates New York as the living and breathing environment. Vibes open, she takes the audience along for the excursion with an invitation to let loose and enjoy summer in the city. The message is on the up and up, the beats for any chill-out session or jamming in the car with some friends.

When looking to Fritzwa's most recent released project, the beginning of her next chapter could be marked by the artist’s big coastal move. With this change of scenery comes the challenge of being a new face in the music community while also jump-starting new creative relationships. “When I moved from New York to Portland, my intellectual capital was gone. I had to basically start over,” Fritzwa says. "Portland's music community is pretty tight-knit, but once I figured out who I wanted to collaborate with, it became a little easier."

In her "Sittin’ Pretty" music video, the earlier spectacular heights on rooftops from "FDR Drive" are replaced by unwavering nature. The shift? The latter was filmed in Oregon, an embodiment of relocating from a city that never sleeps, to a sprawl of endless greenery —  it’s sincere, introspective, embracement of solitude and quietness. Fittingly enough, the piece was filmed by a bare bones, two person crew. It’s a visual exploration of Northwest landscapes in an intimate way. For the Northwest viewer, it can be challenging avoiding projecting one’s own memories onto these landmarks. Nonetheless, the atmosphere isn’t exclusive; instead, each shot is like being emerged into something that feels familiar.


 “I really wanted to highlight the different landscapes here,” Fritzwa recounts. “That was a big part of the video that involved careful and detailed location scouting.” The singer-songwriter also stressed the importance of being heavily involved, if not already spearheading her music videos themes and creative direction. If anything, it’s proof that her creative overflow and the thoughtful execution of her music blends into every gap. This is an artist who knows what she wants to say, which intensely reverberates into everything she touches. 

With Avenue A being R&B centric, there’s an undercurrent of hip hop, jazz, and vintage soul. The album offers a dose of tribute to New York ("Missed the L"), infusing strong-willed and unapologetic themes with poetic lyrics. If seeking out empowerment, look to “Never Back Down”— it’s wisdom worthy of reciting every day:

Don’t be wide eyed

When they tell you no, then you tell ‘em Bye Bye

This conquering and relentless approach doesn’t come by accident. “I always wanted to do music full-time, and when I moved here from New York, I wasn’t able to put my full energy into creating music at first,” she says. “So there’s definitely that resilience and persistence. It was my way of saying I wasn’t going to quit.”

There’s this familiarity and comfort that surfaces when adventuring deeper into Fritzwa’s music, yet originality is never sacrificed. Pigeonholing her would mean missing out on each liberating element. Her latest album, Avenue A, is so unapologetic and diverse, covering so much ground it’s easy to play over and over again, hoping it’ll sink in deeper on each listen. 

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LIVE In The Great NorthWesty: Music Shows on the Go

Ryan Rebo and Casey Wheeler in front of the vintage Westfalia

Ryan Rebo and Casey Wheeler in front of the vintage Westfalia

The channels for spotting a performance by one’s favorite artist are endless — there’s touring, Instagram stories, live streaming, music videos, Spotify, and… we’re confident there’s more. But what’s the best way to ruminate in music and really dig deep into an artist’s work? How about upclose in the back of an early 1980s Westfalia van?

LIVE in the Great NorthWesty Marmoset Music

This is what Marmoset's Software Engineer Ryan Rebo and Music Licensing Coordinator Casey Wheeler are setting out to do with their immersive project, LIVE in the Great NorthWesty. Prior to collaborating, the two co-founders had been mulling over the idea separately, with little knowledge they soon would join forces.

With Casey already hosting living room shows, the concept to take these performances elsewhere was something she always entertained, yet hadn't pinpointed the jumping off point to make it happen. After all, the location had to be purposeful enough to appeal to the artist and fans alike. Identifying the “unique” factor was still something to be ironed out.

“I had been hosting living room shows in my home for five or so years now and kind of wanted to expand.” says Casey. “Then I had this thought about doing something with Marmoset artists, so when Rebo brought up his idea to me, it just kind of all felt natural.”

Separately but at the exact same time, Ryan had a lightbulb moment. “My best friend was visiting from Montana and we were hanging out at Marmoset when we decided to drive to New Seasons for lunch,” says Ryan. “On the way back, I was looking in my rear view mirror at the back and thought ‘it’d be really cool to have musicians play in here’.”

LIVE in the Great NorthWesty Marmoset Van.jpg

With the two working under the same roof at Marmoset and the dapper orange Westfalia being the missing piece of the puzzle, both soon discovered their shared vision. In 2017, LIVE in the Great NorthWesty came into fruition.

With the small “studio” being on wheels, the two person team began scouting interesting and attention-grabbing locations where they could park the van for their music sessions; the idea was to keep the performances on the go, either traveling to the musician or having an interesting meeting point. The flexibility element was a success, with artists big and small gravitating to the project.

The heart and fuel of the performances came down to conveying something listeners may not fully get when attending a live show at a sold out concert. “There’s something really special about seeing an artist in that kind of environment rather than being at a big venue, it’s more intimate and personal,” says Casey. “And in doing these shows specifically, Ryan does a really great job with the recordings where you can really hear the emotion behind everything.”

Stay up to date with the project as it continues to feature upcoming and trending artists on tour by following their Instagram (@greatnorthwesty) and YouTube channel

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