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The Beats Behind Post Malone's Bud Light Ad

In the latest Bud Light commercial, famed rapper Post Malone surprises "unknowing" participants in a bar, confronting them with the question of who their true friends are. Entertaining hijacks unfold, putting some friendships to the ultimate test.

The project is a collaboration between Wieden + Kennedy and Marmoset's Creative Licensing Team, featuring several Marmoset artists like "Undertow" by Cadence, "False Alarm" by Luvjonez, and "Walking Sound" by Danca

These dynamic electronic instrumental beats add punchy layers to what's about to unfold on screen. Check out the full video of Bud Light's Friendship Test with Post Malone below.

And in the spirit of friendship, we've also curated an instrumental, electronic beats-inspired mixtape just for you. Follow the link to listen — did we pass the test?

Google's Honest and Heartfelt Tribute to 2017

Teaming up with the creatives at 72andSunny for Google’s latest Year in Search campaign allowed us an opportunity to reflect back one last time before cartwheeling into our New Year’s resolutions. “Revelstoke,” composed by Fields, leads as the opener, serving as the energetic arc for puzzlement and curiosity. This emotive song is one of many from Northwest based composer, Kevin Matley, who masterfully instills a cinematic undertone throughout his work. Ultimately the music within Year in Search provides the perfect backdrop for this emotional and liberating reel - it’s fitting really, the beginning of 2017 was a mixture of uncertainty and adventurousness for a ton of folks.

"How to" seems to be the opening recurring phrase to our big questions this past year; it’s an empowering statement whether the Google searcher knows it or not. The story unfolds over 2017, from the ‘down in the mud’ moments to equally unforgettable victories. Before we realize it, we’re carried into an introspective mood as the music shifts then rises, a great example how much music can contribute to a story. As events are punctuated by the ebb and flow of the instrumentals, Google’s campaign poignantly reminds us to apply what we’ve learned, equipping us with wisdom to navigate through new experiences.

Year in Search isn’t just a recap, it’s a reminder of how to move forward and onward. We’re reminded of our strength in numbers, moments where compassion shined in the most unlikely of places. It’s projects like this where our gratitude swells at our community of artists, where we can proudly acknowledge a musician's contribution to something impactful. Whether 2017 was a year you wish to forget or a year you’ll never want to forget, may we all fiercely embrace how to be better.

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Collaboration with Portland Timbers Nominated for Northwest Emmy

“Life is about memories and moments… and it’s about, every once in awhile, a little bit of magic.” -- Caleb Porter

These were the words of the Portland Timbers’ head coach, Caleb Porter, as he looked back on the team’s 2015 playoff season, consisting of seven wins and two draws, that led them to win the MLS Cup. A historical moment for the team and the town that will not soon be forgotten. However, to ensure that their victory is remembered for years to come, the team’s internal production team came together to create “The Magic Was Real,” a 30-minute feature recounting the team’s rise to glory.

The cinematic, inspiring short film has been nominated for an Emmy by the Northwest Chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences in the category “Sports -- One-Time Special,” and we’re honored to be a part of it. Featuring music by Marmoset artists SmokeM2D6, Analog Colors and Hanne Kolstø, the story artfully captures the trials and triumphs of the Timbers’ journey to the top. To re-live the magic, learn more here or watch the feature below.

Featuring Marmoset Songs: "Buckwind" by SmokeM2D6, "In Regards To The Future" Analog Colours, and "Mysterious" by Hanne Kolstø

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Shared Work: Traveling Through Time and Trends with

All it takes is a flip through an old Vogue to confirm that perceptions of beauty are ever changing. From the massive hair of the 80’s to the quirky bob of the 1920’s, men and women have adopted some pretty striking styles in the name of fashion. Tracing the evolution of beauty standards, our friends at made a series of videos showcasing a timeline of trends from around the world, entitled 100 Years of Beauty. The episodes offer snapshots of unique looks across a variety of cultures and decades, causing viewers to wish they could travel back in time -- or at least to a different country.     

Each video uses a different Marmoset track to take the viewer on an epic journey through beauty and time. Without any dialogue, it’s up to the model and the music to narrate the changing of the fashion tides. These killer combinations caught the attention of almost 30 million people on the USA episode alone, and continue to inform and inspire with new countries and styles. We put together a mixtape of all the songs used in the series and included a few of our favorite videos below.

USA - Featured Marmoset Track: "Danny And The Devil" by Boy Eats Drum Machine

Haiti - Featured Marmoset Track: "Moving On" by Soul City

Germany - Featured Marmoset Track: "March On" by Jeffrey Brodsky

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Marmoset Dance Music: From Loudspeakers to Living Room

Electronic Dance Music has come a long way since its birthplace in a 20-something’s Midwest basement years ago. Reaching all the way back to the disco era, dance music is an amalgamation of electro, house and techno influences that moved from the underground scene in the late ‘90s and early 2000’s to become deeply embedded in mainstream pop music internationally.

The migration of dance music into the mainstream has brought new opportunities to our artists. Ranging from Gazzo’s instrumental dance anthems to the female-fronted electro-pop of Michele Wylen, our catalog covers a colorful spectrum of dance music. Landing jobs with Covergirl, Adidas, Tommy Hilfiger and more, here are a few spots soundtracked by Marmo-artists and a mixtape to more electro-pop gold.

Featuring "Session" by Gazzo

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Soundtracking the Sea with Hurley

Surfing isn’t just a sport, it’s a lifestyle -- one that is often associated with obscure slang terms, massive waves and chill, ethereal music. In fact, surf music is so distinct that it has become its own genre, embodying the calm -- or extreme intensity -- of the vast ocean. And what better way to tell the story of World Champion surfer, John John Florence, than through a series of short films, featuring a handful of ocean inspired tracks from Marmoset artists?

We teamed up with our friends at Instrument to help score Florence’s inspirational and honest story.  Narrated by Florence, the films follow his travels and competitions and highlight the struggles, joys and pressures that go into life as an elite surfer. One take away we got from the series, aside from the new music and incredible surfing vignettes, was Florence’s emphasis on enjoying the ride, no matter the outcome.

Whether you prefer land or sea, these tracks are sure to relax, recharge and inspire. Enjoy.

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