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Music for Filmmakers, the Ultimate Cinematic Mixtape


Filmmakers can spend so much of their time carefully planning out every sage of their production. From the origins of the screenplay written — then rewritten a thousand times — in Final Draft, to the tediousness in perfecting the color correction. While consuming, each component is an important piece of the big puzzle (you know, the one where you insist must be missing pieces).

And so when arriving at the moment to secure music rights for your film, there’s a completely new set of rules to think about; from taking into account where the film will be broadcast or if it’ll hit the festival circuit, or if it’s just a passion project you’ll be circulating on Vimeo.

But don’t worry, that’s why our Music Licensing team is here to help. Not too sure about what music license you’ll need for the song you want to include in your film’s soundtrack? Shoot us an email.

Or perhaps you’re inspired by the epic “hairs standing on the back of your neck” scores of John Williams, but just can’t figure out what search terms to plug in here. We know sometimes it can be challenging finding a good place to start, that’s why our team created a cinematic mixtape for every filmmaking in need of great music — or any content creator for that matter.

Still not finding what you need? Shoot us a message here and we’ll get to work — you’re only one message away from finding the soundtrack of your cinematic dreams.

New Songs for Music Licensing: September's New Music Mix


September’s New Music Mixtape is the magic formula of pop, electronic, RnB and a little vintage. It sets the stage for all content creating needs — who said you had to be at the mercy of a huge budget and endless hours of searching before you could license popular music?

Finding songs for commercial use shouldn’t be a pain, it’s why our music licensing and A&R teams spend hours upon hours curating custom mixtapes just for you — because licensing music should be quick, easy and pain-free.

Coming in hot is Septembers New Music Mixtape. From the undeniably catchy pop tune of “Bring it Back” by Kali J. to vintage gems like “Ascot Shuffle” by Big Bo and the Arrows, sample this sweet mix of September’s new music.

After checking September’s New Music Mix, check out BOSS’s “Suit Challenge” campaign, featuring music by Marmoset artists like Kamandi and True Ripper; circulating on Instagram and other social channels, they’re golden examples of using music in videos.

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Music for Filmmakers — the Mixtape for Your Next Soundtrack


Finding the right movie background music for your film can be stress-free, especially when you’re licensing popular music from Marmoset (that’s right, we said it). As experts in curating music around every theme, genre and mood, we’re always brainstorming ways to make it easier on filmmakers looking to use music in video.

From dishing the best best undiscovered songs for commercial use, to tapping into songs parallel to Billboard hits, delivering the best songs for music licensing is our mission.

Each week, our A&R team curates new mixtapes for our clients (and for filmmakers like you) — this week, they’re giving us a peek into this month’s “Music for Filmmakers” mixtape. From raw blues rock vibes to electro and synth pop, this mixtape delivers on every front.

Hit play to discover music for the perfect soundtrack and stay tuned for future “Music for Filmmakers” mixtapes!

Living It Up in the Summer Mixtape


While the end of summer lurks around the corner, we’re not about to let it fizzle away without indulging in one last hurrah. Our Living It up in the Summer mixtape is a culmination of rambunctious energy, a triumphant carefree force that will catapult you forward — a reinforcement that yes, your cannonball into the pool was the boldest anyone has ever seen.

So however you’d like to honor this transitioning of seasons, we hope you’ll join us in saying farewell to summer by celebrating it once last time.

Hit play and license the songs that bring out the best summertimes vibes in your video.


Gems of Music Licensing, Dig into Bastard Jazz Recordings

Best-Music-Licensing-Companies-for-independent-Artists .png

While just the title of this mixtape might prompt a double take, the music signed to Bastard Jazz Recordings also warrants a double listen. Come to be known and recognized as “your favorite DJ’s favorite label” Bastard Jazz Recordings hails from Brooklyn, New York, flexing a wide stretch of genres.

The label takes listeners from hip-hop, downtempo, dub, to Latin and Afro beats. With a roster this expansive, you’re sure to discover new music to use in your upcoming soundtrack.


License Music for Video, July's Good Vibrations Mixtape

Summer is the season of coming alive, celebrating all the hard work we’ve put in so far and how far we’ve come—after all, we’re halfway through the calendar year. We’ll take our frozé and cheers to that.

In these precious days of long-lasting daylight and carefree drives to the beach or pool (we wouldn’t pass up either), summer’s offering of freedom compels us toward embracing change, newness. If you share in this summertime affinity, we invite you to check out our New Music Mixtape for July.

Dive in and bask in all new, good things—enjoy.

Like what you hear? Click on the artist name to discover more gems of these newly added artists. Listen and license your favorite music—while supporting the artist community—with Marmoset.

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