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TechTalk: Searching for Music Just Got Easier

TechTalk Marmoset Music Licensing.png

Imagine sifting through a vinyl collection, crates stack up haphazardly climbing toward the ceiling. Now imagine a juxtaposition of a neat 4 x 4 cubic shelving setup, where each unit neatly displays the artist name easily — alphabetical order heaven. The latter, while takes time and effort to achieve, is exactly what Marmoset envisions through its online catalog of music.

We remove the figurative room of dusty crates, providing a conducive system for searching and licensing music easily. And we wouldn’t be able to do it without our in-house Tech Team.

If new, dear reader, our ongoing TechTalk series provides updates and new releases by our steadfast developers. This week we’re covering the launch of Marmoset’s Search by Phrase function.

It Goes Something Like This…

Searching for a song but only able to recall lyrics from the song you’re looking for? You can now search by typing in lyrics (or by the title of a song if preferred) in the search bar. Once on Marmoset’s Browse page, enter the phrase or title in parentheses.

In the example below, we enter the phrase “I saw your colors all over me” — lyrics to Frankie Simone’s War Paint song.

Searching by these lyrics filter out unwanted results, producing one song result that contains this exact match of lyrics.

To view full lyrics to a song, searchers will first want to search for a song. Next, on the search results page, hover over the three vertical dots symbol on the right side of the page. Clicking this will produce several results such as Lyrics, Add to Favorites, Add to Mixtape — clicking on the Lyrics icon will result in a second window the song’s lyrics.*

*Some songs with vocals may not have a lyrics setting available this is due to some artists not submitting lyrics when adding their music to Marmoset’s roster.

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New and Improved: Find, Listen, Manage Your Music in Seconds

Tech Team New Site Feature Marmoset .jpg

Marmoset might be known for its advanced roster of curated and wide-ranging genre of music, but how does one manage everything to ensure it's actually searchable? When it comes to functionality, loading time, and overall site performance, our in-house Tech Team steps up to the plate. Like superheroes their powers often goes unseen and if something isn't working properly on the site, they're the first ones to call upon. 

This month, our Teach Team developed and implemented a new feature users will be excited to see introduced — hiding and unhiding music. The idea behind the tool is to help searchers eliminate results they've already combed through, supporting quicker access toward finding the song that fits their needs. To try out the feature by heading over to our browse page here.

Next, hover over the song's more options icon and click. A pop up menu will appear:

Browse Music Menu.png
Marmoset Music Roster New Feature Live.png

Clicking on the Hide setting will cause the song selected to grey out from the search results. Here's the new feature in action!

Marmoset Music Roster download.gif

Thanks to Marmoset's Tech Team continually releasing these new and improved features, finding music remains easy, quick, and productive. We'll be spotlighting our Tech Team some more in the near future — stay tuned!

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Marmolabs: Oh Hello, Mixtapes Page


We all could use a little mixtape magic.

We all know how overwhelming it can be to browse through various artists and songs when on the hunt for the perfect song to fit the mood of your project. Especially when you have an idea of what your film is about but aren’t exactly sure what to search for. Well, if this is you… say hello to your new best friend, the Mixtapes Page.

From female-fronted pop anthems, to artist roundups, to vocally-powered songs that remind us we’re better together, our expert team of curators  is constantly updating this page with new tunes for you to enjoy.  Check it out at and listen away.  

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MarmoLabs: Negative Filters and a Lyrics Tool, Oh My


They’ve done it again -- our team of developers have found even more ways to make song searching easier by introducing two new features to the Marmoset site, Negative Filters and the Lyrics Tool. With the Negative Filters feature, you now have the option to weed out specific instruments and genres that you’ve already decided won’t make the cut. And, if you’re looking for a lyrical song and want to make sure the lyrics of a songs you love go along with the message you want to send, you can use the Lyrics Tool to make 100% sure that they do.  

Negative Nancy isn’t Always Bad

Do you remember that one relationship that taught you all the things that you DON’T want in a partner? The Negative Filters feature is kind of like that -- except with music. This new addition to our search capabilities will allow you to specify what genres and instruments you absolutely don’t want in a song. Simply click twice on the instrument or genre you want to filter out, and we’ll make sure it’s nowhere to be found in your search results. If you change your mind, all you have to do is click the filtered instrument three times and it will go right back where you left it. Coming soon, we’ll also be adding negative filters to the “mood” search feature, making it easier to further refine your project’s vibe.

Fill in the Blanks with our Lyrics Tool

Lyrics can be the most important part of a song -- they provide a storyline and allow the listener to connect with the artist on a deeper level. With that in mind, it’s important to know the right lyrics to a song -- whether you’re belting it out in the shower, singing along in your car, or using it to set the scene in your short film. That’s why we’ve started tracking down the lyrics to all of our songs, making sure you choose the best song to fit your project. Simply choose the “lyrics” icon next to the song title and watch the song unfold before your very eyes.

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