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Marmoset Sponsors Hawai'i Songwriting Festival

Marmoset Sponsors Hawaii Festival.jpg

When listening to friends exchange summer vacation stories, the words “conferences” and “workshops” probably won’t jump out in the trip highlights anywhere — until you talk with the Marmoset team. But it’s anything but boring. Here’s why.

This week we’re calling Hawaiʻi our home, settling in and sponsoring the annual Hawai'i Songwriting Festival. With 2018 being the fourth year in a row of proudly being affiliated with and sponsoring the festival’s initiatives, we’re eager for yet another opportunity to dig even deeper into supporting the music community on island time.

The heart of the fest is education. It’s an event for bridging a local community with actual industry professionals while providing an exposure to resources that may not exactly be locally present otherwise. It’s an opportunity to learn beyond what some may not even have fanthomed when pursuing the music writing dream.

In order to ensure our impact is far reaching while involving all areas of the community, Marmoset is providing around 15 scholarships to local Hawaiians. These deserving attendees receive an opportunity to attend the fest’s informational workshops and panels, along with speed mentoring (rapid fire round of collecting feedback and career advice from those working in music).

And while songwriting might be mentioned in the festival’s headlining title, there’s much more going on below the surface. Just look to the Copyright Overview, Music Business Basics workshop being led by music attorney, Jula Brotman; it’s an example of something that’s imperative to familiarize oneself in, but may not be so easily broached otherwise (especially for newcomers). It’s invaluable insight to rough and tough topics — the business side to making art.

It’s also another reason that makes us leap into action and lend the kind of support this festival deserves. When it comes to advertising, we’ve live and breathe the concept; it’s a big part of what our Creative Music Licensing team does day in and day out. Proponents of artists, we aim at helping those we represent earn a living by licensing their music from everything from television to movies to commercial projects. It’s also why our CEO and cofounder, Ryan Wines is leading the How to Sell Out: Music in Branding panel. The workshop circulates techniques on navigating this unique kind of terrain, how to smartly sell one’s music without selling oneself short.

The panel also features three special guests contributing to the topic — Kate and Khaled of MUNNYCAT and Frankie Simone. We caught up with Kate and Khaled while they were kicking it at Waikiki Beach to talk more about the fest and their participation:

MUNNYCAT Hawaii Songwriting Festival.jpg

"For us, we’re most excited to empower and inspire girls to start producing for themselves. Like a lot of the songwriters coming to the conference, we grew up isolated from the LA music machine, but it was a gift because we were able to find our own voices as artists and producers."

"We hope they can realize that it’s a gift for them too. We think it’s so important for young girls to know that everything they need to make a living in the music industry is already inside of them. If we can inspire them to be a little less afraid to be weird and a little more self-sufficient, then we did our job."

"Neither of us have ever been to Hawaii, so we came out five days early to take in as much of the beauty and culture as we possibly can! We’ve heard about how magical this event is from songwriter friends for years now and are over the moon that we get to experience it! We’re excited to get closer with our Portland Marmoset family, Ryan Wines, and Frankie Simone and also to make lots of new lifelong friends. We’re really pumped about learning more at the panel on royalties, the speed mentoring sessions, and Kenny Loggins, of course. Man, this is gonna be amazing!" 

With other Marmoset artists also attending and participating at the songwriting fest, we connected with emerging pop artist, Haley Joelle before she jet set to the festivities. As someone who's attended a few times before, we wanted to collect her thoughts on the event:

Haley Joelle Hawaii Songwriting Fest Marmoset.jpg

 "When I first attended the festival two years ago (I was 16), that was when I didn't have a producer yet so my music sounded a lot different."

"The festival not only made me realize that as a pop artist I needed a producer but it also gave me access to producers that I could work with. I also learned the value of co-writing! Two years ago I'd never co-written a song before and now I co-write all the time. The most amazing thing about the festival though is the ratio of attendees to staff members.The staff members are so accessible all the time during the festival, which is how I've been able to make connections with some of them and get really useful feedback on my songs. "

"This festival is one of my favorite things I've ever been to in my life and it's really close to my heart because it was basically the start of where I am now. I found out about it through another music conference so when I was 16 my dad and I decided to go and check it out. That year I wound up being a finalist in the songwriting competition so I got to perform in front of everyone (including all the staff members). That night was when I met Richard Harris and about a month later I flew down to California to work with him. He introduced me to co-writing and the 2nd song we wrote was "Meet in the Middle" — which was my first #1 earlier this year!"

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Marmoset Artists Speak out on America

Marmoset Fourth of July Artists Music

With yesterday's Fourth of July (an American holiday) being mostly filled with watermelon, macaroni salad, and giant pool floats, Marmoset wants to take a moment and nod at the rich history accompanying this day. It's a day when America celebrated its motion for independence from Great Britain — just a friendly reminder that America's founding fathers fled from another country.

Things have changed a bit since then, the political landscape feeling tumultuous, the destination intensely uncertain. It’s this undercurrent that while is the bane of our anxiety, prompted us to hone in what we can do, to use our platform for focusing on the positive change that is happening — the change you are noticing too.

With Marmoset being home to artists from all backgrounds and throughout the globe, we wanted to check in with our community. We wanted to know what these artists are hopeful for, how they're fighting back, and highlight the many ways they're giving back.  With a ton of thoughtful replies so far, we’ll be sharing the responses throughout the rest of the month, here are several to begin the conversation:

Secret Drum Band Marmoset.JPG

We talked to Lisa Schonberg of Secret Drum Band who described her favorite place in the United States. She dished her personal take on none other than New York.

Schonberg:  "My favorite place in the United States is New York City. I was born and raised there. My family arrived there as immigrants about a hundred years ago and is still mainly based there so it always will feel like the center of the universe to me.

I love NYC for the deep feeling of history, for its architecture, for its wonderful diversity, and for just its dynamic character, honesty, depth and beauty everywhere. I have been excited about exploring natural areas in the city and connecting with other artists and scientists there. Stepping off the plane and hearing someone talk with a NY accent is just about the happiest I get."

Marmoset: What makes you hopeful about our country today?

Schonberg: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez! And other badass, honorable, true and honest fighters.

Dobsy Marmoset Artist.jpg

We also heard from Marmoset artist, Dobsy on what makes him hopeful about the United States:

Dobsy:  "I'm hopeful about the people in our country because of the fact that when you get outside of the news and social media, people genuinely do care about others and take the time to understand each other.

We aren't as divided as the media portrays. There's so much gold in the world when we get out and really connect with the amazing people we share this country with. Don't let what you read or watch cause division, there's so much to be happy and hopeful for!"

Marmoset Artist Oliver J Hughes.jpg

On the topic of activism, many of Marmoset's artists are constantly in motion. Whether it be creating music to bring awareness to causes or using their time outside of music, there's a lot happening in the community.

Songwriter and composer, Oliver J. Hughes fills us in on where he's focusing his efforts:

Hughes: I’m very passionate about immigration issues and more specifically highlighting reality in a world of lies.  I’m working on a mini-documentary right now about the impact of immigrants in our cities.  Spoiler alert: it’s pretty damn positive.  

There is No Mountain Marmoset Artist.jpg

We also spoke with with Portland based band, There is No Mountain to find out what keeps them hopeful for America. Here's what they had to say:

Kal: The fact that we have toured coast to coast several times and never once had to sleep in a car. Thanks to the generosity of strangers, we've stayed in over 100 different homes over the past few years. No matter how divided our country may be right now, when it comes down to it, there are people everywhere who are happy to share what they have. 

Marmoset: What kind of activism are you involved in right now? 

Kal: A cause that I have become very passionate about over the past 5 years is employment inclusion for people with disabilities. We recently produced a podcast called ABLE that aired on KBOO, and we even have a song inspired by my day job called "Wheels." I have also volunteered with Living Yoga for around five years and often bring music into my classes. Living Yoga provides classes for people who wouldn't usually be able to access yoga (i.e. prisons, rehab centers, clinics, and behavior healthcare facilities). 

Thanks to our amazing artists who continually strive to give back to their communities. We'll be highlighting more of the incredible responses pouring in throughout the month of July. Stay tuned!

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Let's Make a Movie! Marmoset Sponsors StudioFest

Marmoset StudioFest Sponsorship Filmmakers Music

Centered around music licensing and creating original music, Marmoset is no stranger to helping filmmakers license and/or compose original music for their creative projects. It's something that goes hand in hand with our overall  initiative — equipping visuals with the best soundtrack imaginable, all while having our artists' backs along the way.

Our effort to stay involved in lending our services to filmmakers (and other creatives) is why we jumped at sponsoring StudioFest, an event that's reimagining how festivals operate to better support its artists. 

Think of it this way — with most festivals centering around short form mediums, it's challenging for filmmakers to figure out what happens next once the festival circuit finishes. Even if a short film is well received, the hurdles for branching into feature filmmaking are endless. And we're not even brushing the topic of budgeting for a 90-minute movie. 

This all being said, there’s often no place for artists to flex their creative muscles between this transition from short to feature length filmmaking. It’s a big leap for many (unless you have industry connections). Identifying such an industry gap, we knew we had to contribute to the cause, which is why we're joining forces with StudioFest.

The groundbreaking festival’s mission is to support filmmakers and writers in developing their debut feature. It's a one-of-a-kind experience for newcomers to dream larger, being able to bring their art to life on the feature length scale. StudioFest is set to host five short filmmakers and five feature-length screenplay writers  at the Graham and Co. Hotel in the Catskill Mountains in Phoenicia, New York. At the end of the festival, one film director and one screenwriter will receive the opportunity to partner with StudioFest in making their first feature film. 

Where does Marmoset come in? Music being our expertise, we’ll work alongside the winning filmmaker by licensing music to incorporate within their feature film.

StudioFest Marmoset Music Festival Filmmaking.jpg

What do you need to know:

  • Finalists must be able to travel to Phoenicia, New York for the festival. All 10 finalists will need to attend and participate if chosen.

  • To enter, candidates must be new to the feature filmmaking game — this means to be eligible, filmmakers cannot have made a feature  film or written a feature script in the past. It’s strictly an opportunity to newcomers and a way to even the playing field.


  • Regular deadline: July 8th, 2018 — $50. Late deadline: August 3rd, 2018 — $65

Where to Submit Your Application:

Want more information? 

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Portland's Summer Scene: Catch These Shows Around Town!

It's official. Summer has arrived. 

If you're not listening to music while floating down a body of water or while relaxing on a warm beach — in the company of several hundred other people — is it really summer at all?

Whatever you decide to do over the next couple months, don't forget to support your local music scene. We've got the complete Portland list below so you can get up and go! For each performance, we've curated summer visuals to capture what each artist's vibe resembles.  Which one aligns with your summer vibe? 

Marmoset Tribe Mars

Who: Tribe Mars

Where: Mississippi Studios

When: July 6th, 2018

Buy Tickets Here

What the artist sounds like: Soulful and hip-hop rooted, Tribe Mars can best be described as smooth and easy-listening.  Walking on clouds, Tribe Mars creates a feeling of transcending above everything. Like a long sweat-drenched hike with no end in sight, there's an elated moment of tranquilness as you emerge above nature, the city, all life below you. Listen to  "Soul Syrup" to channel a revelatory change in scenery. 



Who: Jeremy Enigk

Where: Doug Fir Lounge

When: July 11th, 2018

Buy Tickets Here

What the artist sounds like: Orchestral rock, relish in the rebellious and carefree soundscape of Enigk's work. "Late of Camera" emotes that feeling of hopping chain linked fences to sneak into closed swimming pools — it's that adrenaline pumping moment before jumping into the cool water. 

Cannonball! Mamroset.jpg
Lemuria Marmoset Summer.jpg

Who: Lemuria

Where: Holocene

When: August 5th, 2018

Buy Tickets Here

What the artist sounds like: Indie rock with a dash of punk, Lemuria is a group that's constantly reinventing themselves and their sound. Songs like "More Tunnel" make us feel in touch with our confident side. Just like being immersed in the vast ocean before surfing to shore, it's that moment of letting self-doubt go and owning the waves.


Who: Blossom

Where: Mississippi Studios 

When: August 24th, 2018

Buy Tickets Here

What the artist sounds like: Both fiery and cool, Blossom's vocals are timeless while still being at the top today's game. The laid back mood that permeates off of Blossom's music channels our summer cruising vibes. "Video" is that partial sun-kissed feeling with our feet hanging out of the car window — it's about kicking back and enjoying summer's fleeting moments. 

Blossom Cruising Summer.jpg
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'Future of What' Digging into Portland's Hip-Hop Scene

  Photo: Riley Brown — Members of Portland's hip-hop community coming together for 'Hip Hop Day' 2017 in Portland, Oregon. 

Photo: Riley Brown — Members of Portland's hip-hop community coming together for 'Hip Hop Day' 2017 in Portland, Oregon. 

Perhaps you've already heard of Future of What, an educational podcast that covers every topic imaginable surrounding the music industry. The talk show gives outliers and insiders alike the stage to dive into subjects that may not always get a mainstream kind of exposure, nonetheless, are equally important.

Take this April episode as an example, where Fabi Reyna, founder of She Shreds magazine discusses the decline of the electric guitar along with problematic marketing trends (geared predominately toward a specific gender — spoiler: it's not female guitarists). 

The series being hosted by Kill Rock Stars president Portia Sabin, listeners can occasionally catch LIVE tapings of episodes throughout major cities. If in the Portland area, you'll want to catch the upcoming segment sponsored by Marmoset. Moderated by both DJ Klyph ('s Welcome to the Neighborhood) and Portia Sabin, this upcoming episode will focus on new happenings and the transpiring evolution within Portland's hip-hop scene. 

This special edition is not only an opportunity for aspiring artists and hip-hop supporters to network, but to also learn from the diversely experienced panelists. From O.G.ONE to Karma Rivera to Rasheed Jamal, the discussion will explore the city's music scene and what this means for hip-hop specifically. It's an exploration and much-needed conversation that Jamal is helping spearhead through his own music and of course, events like this. 

"I attended the Portland Grammy Summit back in February where there was a hip-hop panel," says Jamal. "It was informative, but it felt as though they were preaching to the choir. More than that, nobody from the city who creates hip-hop was there. At that moment I sparked the conversation that became this panel, which is also be open to the public."

  Rasheed Jamal, hip-hop artist and organizer of Future of What's hip-hop 101 event

Rasheed Jamal, hip-hop artist and organizer of Future of What's hip-hop 101 event

With Jamal organizing the hip-hop 101 event, he aimed at assembling real influencers, organizers, and artists who could directly involve themselves within the discussion. It's something that doesn't always happen when community events such as this are organized — either important topics being lost in the shuffle or the same one perspective opinions and vices voiced over and over. 

There's no question how Portland's music landscape is ever-changing and those shifts being very closely linked to whats unfolding in our communities. So why not get those on the front lines of change more involved? That's what Jamal is helping to fix.

"I want people to feel energized after this. If people can leave this panel inspired to take action, this will be a success," says Jamal. "My aim is to produce a ripple effect and to influence folks to believe in themselves and to put their energy into solutions."

How can others support the music community and initiatives like this this? Jamal says show up and participate — whether that be asking questions or just listening to learn.

"We want the youth, the experienced, the novice, and the experts to come together and share ideas," he says. "To learn from one another and to move forward to throw similar events and give one another a sense of professional development."

Get your tickets ahead of time and bring your questions to the Q&A. Proceeds will go toward the Friends of Noise organization.

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Spring Break in the Marmoset World: Oh the Places We'll Go

The call of Spring has us wanting to tour and travel the world. For us here at Marmoset, it means marketing trips galore, spotlighting artists at festivals, and of course, getting out of the office to pursue some personal adventures. Here are some of the places we've visited for our "spring break." Maybe we even came to your city?

Los Angeles, California

Nichole "Mitch" Barrett, Software Engineer, spent some time in sunny Los Angeles, California. She captured her adventure the old school way — with a disposable camera. "My favorite part of the trip was the end of the first day when my three friends and I went to Wi Spa in Koreatown," she says. "We spent two blissful hours soaking and sauna-ing after a day full of travel and activities."

Nicole Mitch Marmoset.jpg
  "This is a back-alley in Venice, I was in love with the palm trees and fruit trees everywhere."

"This is a back-alley in Venice, I was in love with the palm trees and fruit trees everywhere."


Sayulita, Nayarit, Mexico

Euri Park, Digital Strategist, made her way to a sunshine paradise — aka Sayulita, a village off of Mexico's Pacific Coast. "Best moment of the trip was trekking to a smaller, neighboring beach and seeing some local teenagers hang out," says Euri. "Two couples and one dog made their way over on paddle-boards. They were clearly good friends and their dog couldn’t have been more content playing fetch with a fallen coconut. No gift shop, no tour guide, just some sweet young kids and a very water-friendly dog enjoying this beautiful beach in their backyard."

Doxie 0003.jpg
Doxie 0006.jpg
Doxie 0005.jpg
Doxie 0004.jpg
Doxie 0002.jpg

Joshua Tree, California

Marilynn Wexler, Music Licensing Coordinator, trekked over to botanical paradise, Joshua Tree to hang out with family. "I grew up going to Joshua Tree with my parents," she says. "So it was really special to share such an important place from my childhood with my partner."

Marilynn Marmoset
Marilynn Marmoset
Marilynn Marmoset

Copenhagen, Denmark + London, England

Jessica Cassidy, Director of Marketing, embarked on an epic trip overseas. "My favorite part of the trip was getting to show Eric and Tim some of my favorite parts of the city from when I studied abroad there in college," says Jess. "They probably didn't care about my random architecture 'fun facts' but I had to take them to the falafel and salt beef bagel stand at Borough Market and to shop at Brick Lane."

Marmoset Jess Head of Marketing Spring Break.JPG
London Rough Trade Records Marmoset.JPG
Copenhagen Spring Break Marmoset.JPG

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Casey Wheeler, Music Licensing Coordinator, travelled to the unforgettable city of Abu Dhabi where she explored the the rolling sand dunes and Sheikh Zayed Mosque. She even made camel friends! 

"My dad is currently living in Abu Dhabi where he is serving as the CEO of Special Olympics Abu Dhabi. My favorite part of the trip was spending time at the Qasar Al Sarab resort which is located in the Liwa Oasis; it's hard to describe how beautiful it is — being surrounded by the sand dunes and seeing the night sky full of stars was absolutely breathtaking. We also took a camel ride at sunrise and it was perfect. It's a trip I'll never forget and I'm looking forward to going back for the 2019 Summer World Games!"

Marmoset Spring Break Casey Music Licensing .JPG
Marmoset Spring Break Casey Music.JPG
Casey Wheeler Marmoset.JPG
Casey Marmoset Spring Break Journal.JPG

Boise, Idaho

Laura Hardin, Label Manager, hopped over to Boise, Idaho for Treefort Music Festival. With five days jammed packed with shows and activities, Laura still made time to stop by Marmoset's Creative Licensing Panel, catch a performance by Frankie Simone, and even fit in some hiking.

Laura Hardin Marmoset.JPG
Laura Hardin Marmoset Treefort.JPG
Laura Hardin Marmoset Spring Break.JPG
Treefort Marmoset Laura Hardin.JPG

Puglia, Italy

Josh Brine, Visual Content Director, embarked on an overseas holiday to Puglia, Italy with his wife Michelle. They luckily ran into a spot with Wifi to send over these stunning snapshots. We can't contain our jealousy!

Marmoset Music Spring Break Josh Brine.JPG
Josh Brine Marmoset Spring Break Italy.JPG
Josh Brine Marmoset Spring Break.JPG

Has your wanderlust intensified? Don't worry, ours has too.  

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