Highlighting Some 2018 Placements


A Match Made in Heaven...

The helping hand between the creative client and artist, Marmoset provides music selections to precisely match a project’s needs.  As creatives ourselves, we value the impact of artistic expression — we support our artists by upholding the value and integrity of their life’s work. We believe the music we represent is unique, therefore, we work hard to find the right project for every song.


Want to peek at  a few placements from this year? Check them out below!

“Leave it to Binky” by Bossfight // Fair

“Krang” by The Brow // Rudy’s Barbershop

“King Conga” by Dennis Farnon and Donald Gerrard // Rite Aid

“We Own This Town” by Charm School // Google

“Go All The Way” (INST) by Lazer Lights // Verizon

“Can't Stop Moving” by Hybrid Wolf Pups // Brooks

Ginning (INST) by Scatman Patin // MailChimp