Andrea Gibson Takes the Stage at Wonder Ballroom

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Andrea Gibson strings together poetry over instrumental music, their spoken word encapsulating personal experiences and close observations. It's an art form that would frighten most — to strip away the melodic shadow of lyrics and instruments. There's a frankness when words are spoken rather than sung. 

Whatever the story happens to be, Gibson's rhythmic poetry is rooted in complete awareness, evoking a sincerity that champions hard topics and invites listeners to remain open. It's not something that's done easily, yet Gibson's cool and collected demeanor compliments how words are punctuated. Most of all, there's an ease in hearing the artist's stories unfold, it's a feeling akin to catching up with an old friend. 

When we sat down to chat with Gibson before they took the stage at Wonder Ballroom that's exactly how it felt — as though we were reuniting with that one friend who always passes along sage advice. With two newly released projects, a book of poetry titled Take Me with You and sixth album Hey Galaxy, the conversation landscape was large and wide. Gibson began by reflecting on the impact of their work thus far, specifically with their recent publication and album release. 

  Andrea Gibson chats with Marmoset backstage at Wonder Ballroom

Andrea Gibson chats with Marmoset backstage at Wonder Ballroom

"I wanted both projects to spark compassion in people and self-love. When we have tenderness toward ourselves I think that we approach the world in a much kinder way. I've found it for myself, whenever I'm in a place of not liking or not celebrating who I am, it's really difficult to feel like I have a lot to offer the world. So both projects are sort of weaving back and forth to those places." 

Although mid tour, Gibson projects a balanced energy when speaking about the journey thus far; it's clear they're on an intentional path to spread not only awareness but positivity in an otherwise rocky societal climate. "Spoken word is essentially a movement at this point. You don’t go to any sort of poetry slam these days and not hear political, social justice poems," says Gibson. "And so it’s just that people waking up, speaking — even if you’re just listening, it’s so much for your soul to be witnessing other people’s stories." 

This mindfulness of both 'the good' and 'the bad' entails responsibility to remain aware while still setting aside time for one's own mental health — it's the balance act of wholeheartedly caring but ensuring emotional energy is expended wisely. 

In Gibson's world, self-care entails patience, feeding and nurturing ourselves with art. As an observer, this thought process makes so much sense — imagine internalizing every piece of negativity without a channel to digress it, it would be disastrous and counterproductive even. With this approach, each spoken word piece feels like it's progress being made, it's channeling hardship into something more palatable. 

  Andrea Gibson chats with Marmoset backstage at Wonder Ballroom

Andrea Gibson chats with Marmoset backstage at Wonder Ballroom

"The only thing we have control over in this life is where we put our attention," Gibson muses. With this, Gibson's attention pours into hard-hitting subject matters like love, identity, political issues — their thoughtfully crafted stories are relatable, intimate, and refreshingly humorous. But like any human being, there comes a time to recharge and that time can sneak up much more quickly when on tour.

Toward the end of our conversation we can hear opener and soul-singer, Chastity Brown, warming up her vocals in the other room. Gibson pauses to take in the reverberating music, commenting on the soothing effect music has on them especially after a hectic day. It's clear how much music plays a key role in all aspects of Gibson's life. "I'm so rhythm focused and so sound focused," says Gibson. "Just having more people on tour, having access and the ability to collaborate with different musicians is really fun for me. " 

While Gibson's work continues to shed light on the more challenging topics, they remain rooted in compassion and love. "What is life without love?" Gibson laughs. "If I had my way I would only ever write love poems."

Andrea Gibson is currently on tour — find tour dates/cities here

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We're Hiring: Music Licensing Creative


Marmoset is seeking a Music Licensing Creative with experience in pairing music with picture while demonstrating a passion for discovering and researching music trends. Core responsibilities will include coordinating and delivering music searches for clients, growing and maintaining client relationships, and working closely with our Artists & Repertoire Team.

For more information about this position, please click here.

Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis as they are received, so we encourage applicants to apply as soon as possible. Applications that do not strictly follow the guidelines may not be considered.

Marmoset is a proud Equal Opportunity employer, celebrating a diverse, inclusive community of people, cultures and stories.

We look forward to connecting!

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National Volunteer Month: Giving Back in the World of Marmoset

Volunteering Marmoset.jpg

Music and Community

are two things Marmoset is all about. The company being founded on values to always 'do the right thing' — but what does this mean exactly? 






When you walk through the entrance of Marmoset (below our purple sign), you'll be greeted by hustling creatives who not only admire great music, but also the artists behind the work.

It's something you might not commonly find in the music industry (or perhaps most trades) — this sincerity to do right by others, a comprehension and appreciation that we're all working together. 

This extends beyond the day to day duties taking place within its office walls — it's in the other initiatives Marmoset plays a hand in. And because April is National Volunteer month, we're pausing the music focused posts for just a minute, directing the spotlight to the organizations and charities that give back in huge ways. 

Just in 2017, Marmoset helped support the following organizations through donations and volunteer time:

The most exciting thing about National Volunteer Month for Marmoset? The company rolled out a new policy for its employees this year — Volunteer Day Off. This designated day allows every  Marmoset employee to volunteer their time at any organization of their choosing, every quarter. If plugging the numbers into your calculator, this comes to eight hours per person x's four times a year = 32 hours total. Multiple this by how many people who work for Marmoset, this comes to 1,600 hours of giving back annually.

And keep in mind this would be the bare minimum of volunteering during the week. So in a way, it's just the starting line, a prompt to get us moving in the right direction. Challenge accepted.

Have an awesome charity or volunteer story you want to share with us? Or maybe you know of an organization you'd like us to keep on our radar? Submit it below! 

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LIVE In The Great NorthWesty: Music Shows on the Go

  Ryan Rebo and Casey Wheeler in front of the vintage Westfalia

Ryan Rebo and Casey Wheeler in front of the vintage Westfalia

The channels for spotting a performance by one’s favorite artist are endless — there’s touring, Instagram stories, live streaming, music videos, Spotify, and… we’re confident there’s more. But what’s the best way to ruminate in music and really dig deep into an artist’s work? How about upclose in the back of an early 1980s Westfalia van?

LIVE in the Great NorthWesty Marmoset Music

This is what Marmoset's Software Engineer Ryan Rebo and Music Licensing Coordinator Casey Wheeler are setting out to do with their immersive project, LIVE in the Great NorthWesty. Prior to collaborating, the two co-founders had been mulling over the idea separately, with little knowledge they soon would join forces.

With Casey already hosting living room shows, the concept to take these performances elsewhere was something she always entertained, yet hadn't pinpointed the jumping off point to make it happen. After all, the location had to be purposeful enough to appeal to the artist and fans alike. Identifying the “unique” factor was still something to be ironed out.

“I had been hosting living room shows in my home for five or so years now and kind of wanted to expand.” says Casey. “Then I had this thought about doing something with Marmoset artists, so when Rebo brought up his idea to me, it just kind of all felt natural.”

Separately but at the exact same time, Ryan had a lightbulb moment. “My best friend was visiting from Montana and we were hanging out at Marmoset when we decided to drive to New Seasons for lunch,” says Ryan. “On the way back, I was looking in my rear view mirror at the back and thought ‘it’d be really cool to have musicians play in here’.”

LIVE in the Great NorthWesty Marmoset Van.jpg

With the two working under the same roof at Marmoset and the dapper orange Westfalia being the missing piece of the puzzle, both soon discovered their shared vision. In 2017, LIVE in the Great NorthWesty came into fruition.

With the small “studio” being on wheels, the two person team began scouting interesting and attention-grabbing locations where they could park the van for their music sessions; the idea was to keep the performances on the go, either traveling to the musician or having an interesting meeting point. The flexibility element was a success, with artists big and small gravitating to the project.

The heart and fuel of the performances came down to conveying something listeners may not fully get when attending a live show at a sold out concert. “There’s something really special about seeing an artist in that kind of environment rather than being at a big venue, it’s more intimate and personal,” says Casey. “And in doing these shows specifically, Ryan does a really great job with the recordings where you can really hear the emotion behind everything.”

Stay up to date with the project as it continues to feature upcoming and trending artists on tour by following their Instagram (@greatnorthwesty) and YouTube channel

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Spotlighting Charles Post's Banff Finalist Film: 'Sky Migrations'

In the world of filmmaking, music can be key for setting apart amateur productions from  professional ones.  As we discovered in our Sound Lesson series with Kevin Matley, original scores play a bigger part than most audiences realize, ultimately establishing an immersive environment. 

While our Original Music Team is constantly crafting music to guide such creative projects, Marmoset also equips filmmakers with cinematic, licensable music that's readily available from the searchable catalog. And when the right song matches to picture, a film's story is powerfully punctuated.

In the case of renowned ecologist and filmmaker, Charles Post, storytelling became a useful tool crafted from his journey as a field scientist. Growing up in Northern California, Post was regularly surrounded by nature, fascinated and intrigued by  the changes natural environments undergo — his attention specifically piqued when a group of fish faced rapid and sudden decline.

"This kind of pushed me down this path of realizing our ecosystems were existing because we let them exist, or are in peril and decline because we let them." 

After returning to UC Berkeley for graduate school, Post wrestled with his intentions in the science community, seeking out a different path where he could apply his knowledge and expertise.  "My first day of graduate school, for better or for worse, I knew I didn't want to be a field scientist," says Post. "And the reason why is because I was noticing my peers who spent so much of their life working on these scientific questions and trying to find ways to inform policy — and how the public engages with science and the outdoors — I noticed there was this huge gap."

When Post dug deeper, he began identifying the trouble area his fellow researchers frequently faced: there was a disconnect in how their work was being communicated. 

"I also realized I probably wasn’t the most passionate empirical scientist," says Post. "I was more excited about telling the story of science to people. And that kind of sparked the conversation."

  Woodward, Lowe, and Post stand atop the brow of New Mexico’s Manzano Mountains in the last rays of light on the last day of filming for  Sky Migrations .

Woodward, Lowe, and Post stand atop the brow of New Mexico’s Manzano Mountains in the last rays of light on the last day of filming for Sky Migrations.

Post explains how in his field, currency is essentially how well one understands a place — leveraging visuals, like photographs and video to convey observations best. Seeing this as an opportunity to lean in, the researcher began sharpening his storytelling knife.

"In order to be a good scientist, you have to communicate what you’re finding. So for me, it quickly became visually dominated, thinking about how can I tell these stories?"

Navigating down this creative path with academia in the background, Post began exploring more opportunities to help other scientists share their findings through effective mediums like documentary filmmaking and social channels. In a way, the endeavor opened up a platform where exciting yet often overlooked discoveries could be easily accessible to all walks of life.

In Sky Migrations, a documentary directed by Charles Post, Max Lowe and Forest Woodward — the film follows an epic journey of migrating raptors. While there's plenty of gorgeous footage showing up-close rare visuals of the soaring subjects themselves, the heart of the movie is the narrative and how it unfolds; the story invites the audience in, delivering information that prompts a lengthier discussion on conservation. 

As the film unfolds, so does its emotional stirring soundtrack — including "Looking Back" by Philadelphia based The Earth & Arrow. The title card's personable graphics and guiding music set up the documentary's mood, everything feels lighthearted, approachable. It's a journey that prompts curiousness and hopefully even proactiveness. 

Sky Migrations is currently in the Banff circuit and is being showcased in the "Adventure Without Limits" program throughout the United States. Check out the festival's full rundown here. Catch a viewing at Revolution Hall April 13 - 15, 2018 or Cinema 21 on April 20-22, 2018. Snag some tickets and more viewing information here

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Catch These Shows in Your City

Artists are on the road — touring is in full-bloom. It's time to get out there to catch some shows. We're kicking things off by showcasing East Coast shows to West Coast; so whether you're in New York City or Los Angeles, you'll have an opportunity to catch these Marmoset artists take the stage.

Marmoset Shows March

New York City

   Amy León     Apollo Theater   Friday - April 6, 2018

Amy León

Apollo Theater

Friday - April 6, 2018

   Motet     House of Independents    Friday - April 6, 2018


House of Independents

Friday - April 6, 2018

   Propaganda     Gramercy Theatre   Friday - April 13, 2018


Gramercy Theatre

Friday - April 13, 2018

   Kings Kaleidoscope     Gramercy Theatre   Friday - April 13, 2018   

Kings Kaleidoscope

Gramercy Theatre

Friday - April 13, 2018


   Josh Garrels     White Eagle Hall   Thursday - April 26th 2018

Josh Garrels

White Eagle Hall

Thursday - April 26th 2018

Austin Texas march shows.png


   Matthew Logan Vasquez     Hotel Vegas   Friday April 27, 2018
Los Angeles Marmoset March Shows.png

Los Angeles

   Roselit Bone     Alex's Bar   Sunday - April 8, 2018

Roselit Bone

Alex's Bar

Sunday - April 8, 2018

   Polyrhythmics     Zebulon   Friday - April 13, 2018



Friday - April 13, 2018

   Y La Bamba     Moroccan Lounge   Thursday, April 12, 2018

Y La Bamba

Moroccan Lounge

Thursday, April 12, 2018

   Haunted Summer     Resident   Monday - April 16, 2018

Haunted Summer


Monday - April 16, 2018

San Francisco Marmoset Shows.png

San Francisco

   Tyson Motsenbocker     Neck Of The Woods   Saturday - April 21, 2018

Tyson Motsenbocker

Neck Of The Woods

Saturday - April 21, 2018

   Pete International Airport     Elbo Room   Tuesday - April 24, 2018

Pete International Airport

Elbo Room

Tuesday - April 24, 2018

   Edamame     The Independent   Sunday - April 22nd, 2018


The Independent

Sunday - April 22nd, 2018

Portland .png


Seattle Marmoset Shows


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