Upcoming: Marmoset's Community Event

Marmoset's next big Community Education Event is just around the corner! If you haven't already, you can easily RSVP below.

Join us at our headquarters as we dive deeper into the making of Transference. Our talented team of artists and creatives will also tackle a range of music production questions -- from the beginning stages of conceptualizing an album, collaboration, and where to go from there.

Special guests includes Scott Magee and Dear Nora’s Katy Davidson. Along with our Q&A, don’t miss out on a musical performance by Ural Thomas & The Pain. Did we mention attendees will also get to take home their own Transference Album?

Get your RSVP in and we’ll see you there!

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Marmoset Artists Featured on MasterClass

Whether you’re looking to sharpen a skill set or seeking inspiration from a legend, we’re sure you’ve stumbled upon MasterClass by now. In case you haven’t, it’s a treasure trove of wisdom from experts, professionals, and creatives in almost every field imaginable — from Serena Williams teaching us how to throw down in tennis, to Dr. Jane Goodall instilling the power of conservation. You’ll find the series also dually serves as a list of people you wouldn’t mind getting trapped inside an elevator with.

Aside from the stellar lecturers, we’re honored to be working with the prestigious MasterClass to feature Marmoset music throughout its trailers and lessons. New York composer, Lee Brooks, showcases “Return of Ulysses” in the Helen Mirren’s Teaches Acting trailer. Much like his other work, the song is perfectly brooding and engaging, cinematic in every quality. The timeless aesthetic compliments the sophisticated Helen Mirren and her acting overview. Catch the trailer below.

Other showcased work includes Keen Collective’s “Daydreams” spotted in Gordon Ramsay's trailer. While we’re usually accustomed to a more chaotic vibe when the notorious chef appears on-screen, “Daydreams” paints a different picture. The song serves as a dreamy and tranquil landscape, a superbly balanced pairing with Ramsay’s food creations. Okay, now we’re hungry. Check it out for yourself.

You can also spot Keen Collective’s “Symphony of Light” spotted on Dr. Jane Goodall trailer here.

Shifting gears in mood, we wanted to give a big nod to Brooklyn based producer and instrumentalist, SNVRS. Woven into Stephen Curry’s Teaches Shooting, Ball-Handling, and Scoring trailer, “Caught the Feeling” serves as the punchy hip-hop beats -- the energetic wave needed to keep the audience on the ball. You can dig more into SNVRS’s impressive roster of music here, along with the MasterClass trailer below.

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New & Vintage Mixtape: Roaring Twenties

Roaring Twenties Mixtape.jpg

Today’s fashion, culture, and lifestyle couldn’t be more opposite from the 1920s. One thing remains the same though, we’re still incredibly fascinated with the Roaring Twenties era. And real talk, we all know it’s only a matter of time before Hollywood reboots The Great Gatsby once again.

Music from the 1920s was revolutionary for its time -- even today we’re still captivated and drawn to composers and musicians who led a musical liberation within that decade. Maybe you’re looking for some Roaring Twenties inspiration or just curious to look back on this booming decade, either way, we’ve got the mixtape for you. Discover vintage styles from the Peter Sivo Band to new listenings from New Yorker Benny Reid

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R&R Songs for Recharging

Best songs for relaxing.jpg

It’s time to face it - the holidays are over and everyone you know (yourself included) has hit the ground running into an endless list of to-dos. To counteract the feeling of burning that expensive soy candle at both ends, we’ve created a short playlist to help balance everything out. Whether you’re in the daily grind at the office or trying to unwind in the car, we’ve got the top picks to pair with your environment. Go for it; all we need from you is to take a deep breath in and then out.

Morning MeditationFrisco J - Sun Shower

Brooklyn based artist, Frisco J, delivers upbeat instrumentals that are just as good as that first cup of coffee. “Sun Shower” is warm, energetic and the best foundation for starting your day off right. Pair this with meditation or a quick sun salutation before facing your day head-on.

Stuck in TrafficAdam Pasion - May It Be a Sweet Sound

We’re all for head bangers or dancing in our seats during traffic jams, but sometimes “calmer” is what the soul needs. If this sounds like your speed, look to Adam Pasion’s “May It Be a Sweet Sound”. The song is perfect for either going to or leaving work, the complex folk instrumentals leads into a rising and inspiring arc -- the perfect formula for getting you through every red light you’re encountering today.

Midday BreakGregory and the Hawk - Blind and Unwise

Singer-songwriter Meredith Godreau of Gregory and the Hawk serenades us in this calming yet upbeat folk melody. “Blind and Unwise” magically cures our midday slump, guiding us back to sense and peace of mind. Also, you deserve the reward of making it halfway through that to-do list!

Unwinding at HomeMree - Breathe Easy

Drawing influences from the likes of Sigur Ros to Bon Iver, Portland-based artist Mree is the remedy we were craving for recollecting ourselves. “Breathe Easy” reminds us to do exactly that — Mree’s sound is wholesome, rich equally in voice and instrumentals.

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Google's Honest and Heartfelt Tribute to 2017

Teaming up with the creatives at 72andSunny for Google’s latest Year in Search campaign allowed us an opportunity to reflect back one last time before cartwheeling into our New Year’s resolutions. “Revelstoke,” composed by Fields, leads as the opener, serving as the energetic arc for puzzlement and curiosity. This emotive song is one of many from Northwest based composer, Kevin Matley, who masterfully instills a cinematic undertone throughout his work. Ultimately the music within Year in Search provides the perfect backdrop for this emotional and liberating reel - it’s fitting really, the beginning of 2017 was a mixture of uncertainty and adventurousness for a ton of folks.

"How to" seems to be the opening recurring phrase to our big questions this past year; it’s an empowering statement whether the Google searcher knows it or not. The story unfolds over 2017, from the ‘down in the mud’ moments to equally unforgettable victories. Before we realize it, we’re carried into an introspective mood as the music shifts then rises, a great example how much music can contribute to a story. As events are punctuated by the ebb and flow of the instrumentals, Google’s campaign poignantly reminds us to apply what we’ve learned, equipping us with wisdom to navigate through new experiences.

Year in Search isn’t just a recap, it’s a reminder of how to move forward and onward. We’re reminded of our strength in numbers, moments where compassion shined in the most unlikely of places. It’s projects like this where our gratitude swells at our community of artists, where we can proudly acknowledge a musician's contribution to something impactful. Whether 2017 was a year you wish to forget or a year you’ll never want to forget, may we all fiercely embrace how to be better.

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We're Hiring: Production Coordinator Intern


Marmoset is seeking a Production Coordinator Intern with a strong interest in further developing their creative project management skill-set. 

For more information about this position, please click here.

The closing date for this position is Friday, January 26th 2018. Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis as they are received, so the sooner you apply the better. Applications that do not strictly follow the guidelines may not be considered.


Marmoset is a proud Equal Opportunity employer, celebrating a diverse, inclusive community of people, cultures and stories.

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