Crossing that Finish Line, the Kairos Way

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The first week of December can feel like settling at the mark of the starting line, waiting to sprint into action toward endless holiday to-do tasks and of course, spirited festivities (ya know, the good stuff). It truly can be a consuming season, engulfed in consumerism and materialism.

But of course, there’s always a redeeming silver lining to it all. In this case, it’s the ongoing Give!Guide donation movement that focuses on giving back — any and every donation of every size is welcome and warmly accepted. It’s a movement geared toward the upcoming generation, givers under 35, providing perks here and there through the event’s Big Give Days. What exactly are Big Give Days?

When donating just $10 (the minimum) on the organization’s specified days (big days), the donator is entered to win a notable prize — and since Give!Guide is wrapping at the end of the month, the Big Give Days are running out. That means, time’s running out to get in there and make things happen.

If not already familiar with Kairos, the education non-profit changing making waves in the Portland community, we’ve partnered with them to match every donation up to $10,000. And standing at $8,780, they’re so close to reaching that middle tier goal — we want to help them get there and then beyond.

And since today happens to be one of their Big Give Days, we think you’d like to know giving means receiving too. So hit pause and if you happen to have $10 to spare, we know of a place that does big things even with the smallest of donations.

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New Music Mixtape: Holiday Edition

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As we plunge our existence into the sparkling decadence of the holiday season there is a clear shift in our musical surroundings too (step one foot into a shopping mall and you’re immersed into a winter wonderland for your ears).

And while we appreciate and dig the timelessness of many classic holiday hits, we’ve got some noteworthy modern editions lined up to help keep your season upbeat and moving along.

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Music That Makes or Breaks Your Video


There are specific qualities to a song that music producers are expertly skilled to recognize, to distinguish and interpret into layman’s terms — it’s why they’re an essential designated point person when coordinating deliverables between a client and composer.

It’s these very qualities that can easily make or break how successful a song fits into a creative project, whether it be a commercial, film or even a podcast. Seeing it as this is what Marmoset’s Creative Services Team does (whether it be for music licensing projects or original music scores), we’re going to walk you through some helpful tips to keep in mind when using keywords to find the soundtrack you’re envisioning.


Do emotions run high?

Have you ever worked on a video project and considered it “bright” in regards to the cinematography or even the content itself? Are you considering the emotive qualities of the visuals when concluding how the song accompanying the video should sound?

Maybe the video is designed to feel empowering, upbeat or imaginative even. But how would such a term be used to search and filter out the results you’re actually wanting?

When considering the mood of a song cataloged on Marmoset’s browse page, site users can search by a keyword (i.e. “bright”) but without having some instrumental qualities in mind, the results may not be exactly what you’re looking for. It’s also why Marmoset’s music roster is so meticulously tagged and labeled — when our A&R Team is adding/categorizing new songs to our music collection, they consider the presence of instruments, tempo and pace and how all these elements add up to impact a song’s overarching mood.

Let’s look at “Brighter Than Expected” by Marmoset artist, Paper Rabbit as an example. The song’s composition is orchestrally enriched with piano and strings — notably there is treble presence. As an exercise, check out the song and think about what adjectives come to mind. Would you have entered “bright” as a descriptor when searching? If not, would “optimistic” or “whimsical” have been better search terms?


A bit like searching through a crossword puzzle, it’s all about finding the right words to transcribe an accurate description — it may not seem imperative but every word adds up to identify how a song should ultimately “feel.” And factoring in musical elements like frequency, treble, pace and tempo are key not exclusively for exploring an online catalog of music; for an artist, it can also prove useful when arranging a song. Think about if a client described their dream song as “gutty”, you might consider what instruments would deliver a “rule-breaking” kind of attitude, even being mindful of the song’s frequency (i.e. mid-range).

Digging into sonics and interchangeably using non-musical terms to describe a song also comes in handy when requesting Marmoset do a search on your behalf. When our creatives scour our roster to deliver a curated list of music, we’ll first ask some detailed questions to learn what you’re envisioning for the project’s soundtrack — being descriptive of how you envision the details we covered can produce quicker and more precise results.

Considering these musical terms we hope you’ll feel empowered the next time you search or describe a song to your composer, a music producer or even when creating your own music.

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We're Hiring! Executive Assistant

Marmoset Now Hiring

Marmoset is seeking an Executive Assistant who is detail-oriented, highly personable, and assertive. Core responsibilities includes managing communications and calendar, arranging travel, and admin support tasks for Marmoset’s CEO. The ideal candidate is someone who excels under pressure, is a natural multitasker and exudes calm, cool and collectedness.

For more information about this position and to apply, please click here.

The closing date for this position is Wednesday, December 19th, 2018. Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis as they are received, so the sooner you apply the better. Applications that do not strictly follow the guidelines may not be considered.

Learn about opportunities here at Marmoset, following the link below.

Marmoset is a proud Equal Opportunity employer, celebrating a diverse, inclusive community of people, cultures and stories.

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Giving Tuesday: Jam Out While Giving Back

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A creative music agency with our roots in community, Marmoset is always on the go when it comes to partnering with impactful organizations — aligning our passion for music and the arts with everyone we meet.

If you’ve been following our latest journey with Give!Guide and our partnership with KairosPDX, you’ll know November has full of advocating for all good things (just as a reminder, we’re matching every donation up to 10k to help Kairos reach their 25k goal before January — learn how you can help them get there). The donating extravaganza is all part of Give!Guide’s mission in promoting the act of giving as both rewarding but more importantly, totally accessible; it doesn’t matter one’s age or financial status, the act of giving bypasses the quantifiable measurement of the actual donation. It all matters.

With these non-profits aligning with a new generation of givers, new opportunities to play an active role within the community arise ; there’s a cultivating of motivation, planting the seeds for future social care and attention. It’s truly a nurturing avenue reminding everyone of their responsibility to their “neighbor,” a reminder we’re all this together.

So on November 27th, Giving Tuesday, the global recognized day of giving, Marmoset is reinforcing the long-lasting value in what Kairos does every day: fostering an environment where marginalized groups can receive an outstanding education, to then go out and apply such principles to the outside world. Kairos is a non-profit normalizing the access to quality educational resources and diminishing inequity in the process; their impact doesn’t stop during school hours, it’s far reaching, offering up after school programs helping kids tap into their creative potential — “After Care” being one of the more recent programs that wrapped recently.

The program offered first graders to third graders an opportunity to create original beats and rhymes, producing and recording a collection of music. The result is a compilation of music overflowing with playful, uninhibited ingenuity. We think you should check it out for yourself.

On this Giving Tuesday, we know you’ll already by thinking of ways to give. We hope you’ll check out the Give!Guide page and donate to a cause that speaks to you and what you hold dear.

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Meet Steady Holiday, the Artist Uncovering the Past

Steady Holiday Marmoset Artist Music Licensing.jpg

Steady Holiday is Dre Babinski, the moniker that encapsulates the nostalgic nature of her work — there’s a kind of beautiful sentimentality that surfaces when listening to Steady Holiday’s music, comparative to watching a Cary Grant film or a warm idyllic memory washing over you.

Growing up, Babinski recalls her father always listening to oldies on the radio. At the time it was something that merely underscored her childhood upbringing it wouldn’t be until later she would translate this environment as a source of inspiration.

“I loved it but I also didn’t question it,” says Babinski. “I began playing the violin at school when I was 10 and started playing along to songs like “Downtown” by Petula Clark or “Crying” by Roy Orbison. When I sit down to write music nowadays, I think I unconsciously come back to the sensibilities of that era.”

While Steady Holiday is Babinski’s solo musical act, the artist is no stranger to a range of collaboration. Having recorded and toured as a violinist and backup vocalist for Dusty Rhodes and the River Band and the other half of Miracle Days’ partnership, Babinski brings her transformative experiences to her arrival as a solo artist.

Perhaps it was this accumulation of experiences that propelled the artist into the solo role she was destined to fulfill — the new venture sparking a new kind of inspiration that isn’t always so easily achievable when working closely with other artists.

In early 2015, Babinski put the wheels in motion by beginning the recording process under Steady Holiday. With the release of her single “Your Version of Me” the artist gained even more momentum through the single’s success — the work receiving praise from both critics and fans alike. By 2016, Steady Holiday released her debut solo album Under The Influence (produced by Gus Seyffert). Described as hauntingly expressive, listeners began crediting the album’s success to Babinski’s vocals, which enlivened the album’s themes and emotional atmosphere.

“Help me I’m a superstar

but narrowly I’ve missed the mark

drifting, fading, no regard

I’ve slipped into a cycle”

Steady Holiday 1.JPG

Superstar” is the seventh song on Under The Influence, imparting a message that could very well describe the artist’s artistic journey — there’s a nod here to the range of Babinski’s achievements earned thus far in her musical career, along with identifying her place and status with the release of her debut album.

These personal touches radiate throughout Under The Influence, the melancholic filled verses paired with the stunning string arrangements set the soundscape for Steady Holiday’s emergence into the world. When asked about what she chooses to explore in her writing, she dives deep into the lyrics from the listener’s standpoint.

“I’m always looking to uncover things about myself and universals in human nature,” says Babinski. “Which is an interest much bigger than music but tends to show up in my songs. It helps me make sense of the world and soften to what I don’t understand. I’ve been writing from perspectives other than my own recently, and empathy is the best tool for that.”

With the circulation of Under The Influence, Steady Holiday is soon called to perform at Coachella by the festival’s very own co-founder Paul Tollet. With this caliber of a platform, Babinski boldly begins her new chapter of sharing what was once a private channel of expression to thousands of listeners.

“I want people to have their own experience with my music rather than explain all my intentions,” notes Babinski. “I do hope that it’s inclusive and evocative enough for people to create their own meaning and memories with it, in the same way that Hallelujah wasn’t written for me, but it was.”

In terms of Babinski’s songwriting process, she often draws inspiration from words that resonate with her on a creative level. “Most of my song ideas begin with the stuff that sits on top, the vocal melody and lyrics,” says Babinski. “Usually it’s a phrase I read or overhear that sticks with me then I’ll find a melody that shapes nicely around it.” Such inspiration can strike almost anywhere but Babinski notes it happens commonly when driving or walking about yet hardly ever when sitting down to intentionally write.

This fluidity in her craft, Babinski keeps her process balanced by focusing heavily on where a song’s inspiration goes — spending time on refining an idea, rebuilding it, then deciding if it should be fully fleshed out to be shared with the world.

“Sometimes a complete thought is the result of a lot of conscious work,” says Babinski. “And sometimes it just appears like tethered magic. I never know when or how it’s going to happen.”

Steady Holiday’s music is available for licensing through Marmoset. Listeners can also check out Steady Holiday’s second album Nobody’s Watching, released in 2018 on Barsuk Records. The artist’s second album is a collection of stories that align with recurring themes of fear and greed throughout history — something Babinski notes as a fitting encapsulation of today’s climate.

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