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Marmoset Remixes Mixtape

New remixes are here! Introducing Matt Dunkley's "Cycle 5 - Clint Mansell Remix." This orchestral piece layers moody strings to create a dark cinematic atmosphere; clocking near six minutes, the song would masterfully serve a dramatic montage with an entrancing pace and buildup.

Clint Mansall has worked with Trent Reznor on Nine Inch Nails' album The Fragile; his composition history includes award-winning work such as Black Swan, Requiem for a Dream, and Black Mirror. Fellow composer Matt Dunkley has worked on over 130 films along with working alongside artists like Nick Cave, Badly Drawn Boy, Patti Smith and more. 

Shifting the mood we look to Ryan Teague's "Last Known - Plaid Remix." This punchy synth layered mix is the electronic piece you've been looking for; with its aggressive and ascending components, the song would compliment any action-packed scene or heist sequence. 

Plaid is an electronic UK music duo who has collaborated with the talented likes of Bjork and Goldfrapp. Teague is a composer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist based out of Bristol, England. His music style entails a mergence of acoustic instrumentation and electronic material. 

We've gathered a collection of other noteworthy remixes to keep on your radar. Check it out below!

TENTS: Spring Release of Deer Keeps Pace

TENTS Marmoset.jpg

TENTS delivers a dose of comfort and soul searching indie rock with Deer Keeps Pace. Constructed of 11 songs, the quartet constructs a body of work that falls inline with that springtime feeling. Look to "Danger" for a message of encouragement — there's pulsing synth and guiding drums that prompt the listener to feel free to "move on." 

Listeners should also check out "Light Light Weight" for punchy rhythmic waves. The echoing synthesizer and guitar plucking makes for the perfect song when riding in the car with windows down. 

Listen to or download the album below:

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The Wave of Anti-Pop Mixtape

Anti-Pop Mixtape Marmoset.jpg

It sounds like pop, but it's not. With resounding anthems with pop familiar vibes and tone, this mixtape will keep you on your toes. While each song weaves in and out of what's expected, anti-pop is all about challenging formulas and composition. 

Put on your "War Paint" (Frankie Simone) and dance while you rebel with "Boom!" (MUNNYCAT) and "New York, What's Happenin" (Black Caviar).

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Artist Spotlight: Haley Joelle

Haley Joelle Marmoset Artist Spotlight
Haley Joelle Marmoset Spotlight

Britney or Christina? It’s the question pitched to Haley Joelle, rising pop-star. She gives a smile and thoughtfully reinforces how both icons offer something uniquely different in their own way. It’s a diplomatic response and something very telling of the 18-year-old who already has a #1 song on Billboard charts.

Growing up in West Linn, Oregon, Joelle notes she didn’t have a particularly emphasized musical upbringing — neither parents played any instruments or were much musically inclined. Despite this, Joelle recalls the family’s piano as a central piece of her childhood growing up. “The piano in my house was kind of a random thing,” says Joelle. “My parents don’t play any instruments or sing. But growing up, I played the song Yankee Doodle so much that I have relative pitch now because I can always get middle C.”

Despite not having a preexisting foundation in anything music related, the 18-year-old artist soon found herself immersed in various pursuits, such as dance and choir.  Yet songwriting always remained closest to the young artist’s heart, a craft she naturally gravitated to and excelled in. Soon enough Joelle’s path entwined with Richard Harris, an esteemed Los Angeles music producer and songwriter.

“Richard’s basically been my mentor,” says Joelle. “He’s very creative while knowing how to handle the business side of things. He’s helping me figure out parts of the music business that I wouldn’t have known otherwise.”

With Harris compiling the tracks, Joelle takes over the second leg of the process by writing or co-writing over them. It’s something not a lot of teenagers can say they’ve done — collaborating with a big LA music producer while physically living in a completely separate state. But it works for Joelle, not only because she’s musically gifted but because she’s already mastered good decision-making.

It’s hard to explain when first chatting with the humble artist over the phone but it all makes sense when she shows up to shoot some photos with us at Marmoset headquarters.

With her dad in tow to the photoshoot, Joelle radiates confidence and charm, offering up school stories to us as we transition from shot to shot. She speaks highly of her roots and family, constantly mentioning what they’ve provided her throughout pursuing her big dreams. “[My dad] is so smart on the business side that he’s basically become my manager,” says Joelle. “He’s really pushed me in realizing I can do this.”


With a support system in place and Joelle's raw talent, it's already the perfect formula for making a name for oneself in the music industry. But what's refreshing about the young pop star is how she speaks passionately when it comes to helping others through her music.

 "I have a birthmark on the side of my face, it’s a sideways heart, " says Joelle.  "I don’t think that’s a coincidence, I think that was meant to be there. I’ve always been a very happy smiley person and have pushed through the hard or tough times. That’s what I really want my listeners to feel like too — that they can get through anything and come out even stronger. And that happiness is on the other side."

Next steps for the teen pop songstress? After her high school graduation, Joelle is taking a gap year to live in LA and work in the music industry.  The journey isn't something out of the blue or a surprise exactly, it's a big step toward achieving the next big goal in her music career — it's where the young artist can grow in her songwriting experience and connect with production contacts face to face. 

And while Joelle is still a high schooler, she already knows how to deftly navigate her resources and network. When asked about ever experiencing ageism she notes she's not afraid to let her work and ideas shine forth. 

"The people I've worked with have been so supportive. I let the songwriting do the talking. If we’re in a session, I’ll go on with writing the song — that’s how I prove myself in a sense. It's all about showing up, to keep showing your face. It takes time but ultimately people will start to recognize your hard work."

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We're Hiring: Brand Strategist


Marmoset is seeking a Brand Strategist who will  inspire and guide the development and execution of exceptional branding efforts in support of Marmoset’s position in the industry, representing its core values and virtues.

For more information about this position, please click here.

Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis as they are received, so we encourage applicants to apply as soon as possible. Applications that do not strictly follow the guidelines may not be considered.

Marmoset is a proud Equal Opportunity employer, celebrating a diverse, inclusive community of people, cultures and stories.

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April: New Music Roundup


It may be hard to believe, but we're now fully into the swing of spring! As April passes by in the blink of an eye (did it really even happen?) and we start to look ahead towards May, one thing is for certain: there's a lot of good music on the horizon. 

The month of April saw the addition of music like Russ Liquid's electro-funk beats and Aerial Dusk's moody, orchestral instrumentals. We're also paying tribute to music styles from past decades with NumbTongue's '90s alt-pop/rock and brother duo Tangie Town's groovy '70s vibes. For genre-defying soundscapes, on the other hand, look no further than the talented multi-instrumentalist Dos Floris. Or how about some vintage soul courtesy of The Mar-V-lus Five? Whichever genre your musical taste bends towards, it's clear that April was a month of heavy-hitters for us.  

Listen to a sampling of songs from artists we added to the roster in April.

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