WATCH: Marmoset's Collaborative Film "The Truce" with Old Spice + Wieden+Kennedy

When you want to make a point, sometimes a big, over the top love ballad says it all. Marmoset's recent project with Wieden+Kennedy for Old Spice definitely brings the big, epic, power ballad... and it felt so good.

Fittingly titled "The Truce," Old Spice once again fans the flame of playful absurdity for the grand finale of the campaign. Capping off a 9-part series for longtime Old Spice characters Terry Crews and Isaiah Mustafa -- they finally meet (and battle) in the same bizarro world they've dominated since the campaign's inception back in 2010. For this endeavor, Marmoset was asked to craft an original soundtrack for the grand finale of the campaign, highlighting an unlikely friendship that dramatically creshendos in only 12 seconds.

We were honored to learn "The Truce" will premiere tonight on ESPN's Sportscenter. 

Behind the process...

Led by Marmoset's Director of Original Music, Rob Dennler, our team scored the power ballad soundtrack for "The Truce" based on a script written by our friends down the street at Wieden+Kennedy's Portland, Oregon HQ, working closely with agency producers, Lindsay Reed and Nicole Kaptur. Once the initial ideas were fleshed out, Rob hit the ground running with Marmoset’s team of creatives and composers.

“The initial demo phase was a lot of fun,” Rob says. “The team at W+K handed us the script and talked us through the core concepts, yet also gave us a lot of latitude and encouragement to explore many different musical approaches. They knew they wanted a male vocal and needed the song to be convincingly earnest in its delivery. We had a blast fleshing out creative directions, which mostly consisted in listening to a ton of 80’s pop-rock ballads.”  

Through collaborations, experimentations and several revisions, we landed on a ballad of friendship with blunt, literal lyrics at the forefront. Once Marmoset composer Kerry Smith completed the score, the W+K team shot the footage to the spot, custom tailoring the imagery and scenes around the sound. In fact, rumor has it Mustafa and Crews loved it and had fun singing it on set during the production.

It’s always an honor collaborating with our neighbors at Wieden+Kennedy. This collaboration brought the campaign to a hilarious finale, a fitting nod to all of the cliched tropes we know and love in any over-the-top piano ballad -- along with the extreme absurdity only Old Spice can bring.

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5 Important Things You Should Know About Performing Rights Organizations, Royalties and Registering Copyrights

Panel speakers [from left to right]: Nan Wilson, Tracie Verlinde, Ehren Ebbage and Ryan Wines (Photo by Brandon Day)

Panel speakers [from left to right]: Nan Wilson, Tracie Verlinde, Ehren Ebbage and Ryan Wines (Photo by Brandon Day)

On Wednesday, we hosted an Artist Education event at Marmoset HQ, focused on everything you should know about copyrights and Performance Rights Organizations. The event featured a panel of experts in the field including successful singer songwriter and composer, Ehren Ebbage, Nan Wilson of Manage Ad Music and Tracie Verlinde of BMI, with our Co-Founder, Ryan Wines, leading the discussion. And with aim to share the knowledge from the event, we have answers to five commonly asked questions about the copyright and royalties world.

Making a living as a musician can be a challenging and rewarding venture. Like any other form of art-meets-business, it's all about diversifying and closely managing your income streams. Royalty income can be a critical revenue source for many artists, and when managed well, it can also be one of the most powerful components to help spur and create a sustainable living. Copyrighting in also an essential, yet often neglected aspect, protecting and declaring ownership rights for the music you create. While we know this area of music isn't the sexiest of topics, it's an extremely important one and we're here to help advocate for you and your awesome jams. Please  send questions you have to

1. What is a Performing Rights Organization (PRO)?

A Performing Rights Organization (or PRO) helps songwriters, composers and musicians receive payment by collecting publishing revenue streams through "performance royalties." As a songwriter, composer, or lyricist, you’re owed what is called a “performance royalty” any time your music is played on radio stations (terrestrial, satellite, and internet), used on TV shows or commercials, or performed in live venues, in addition to many other traditional and emerging mediums. Performance royalties are paid by radio stations, venues, and TV networks to Performing Rights Organizations like ASCAPBMISESAC, and SOCAN (in Canada) who then distribute the money to their affiliated songwriters and publishers.  Royalties for streaming media (think Spotify, Pandora, iTunes Radio and others) and some other digital media are administered by SoundExchange.  PROs only collect for artists who register with them. It is free to register as a songwriter with both BMI and SESAC. ASCAP charges a $50 registration fee.

Photo by Brandon Day

Photo by Brandon Day

2. What kinds of royalties are available to collect?

By registering your tracks to a PRO, your music can work for you. One song can bring in multiple revenue opportunities. Here are three forms of royalties that you can receive:

  • Performance Royalties. When your song is played on the radio, the composer and publisher of the song are owed money.

  • Mechanical Royalties. Anything you can physically buy with your music on it. CDs, vinyl, a song on iTunes, a ring tone, cassette tape.

  • Digital Royalties. Music that you download and stream, like from Pandora. Royalties are pretty minimal associated with streaming platforms at this time.

  • Other RoyaltiesThere are other royalty sources available for artists, including those for artists who perform for musical recordings used in commercials, TV shows, films, stage productions and more. There's also royalties available for artists who are featured on camera while performing or who's voices are featured in commercials, TV shows, films, stage productions.  Artist rights organizations and unions in these areas include the Amercian Federation of Musicians, the Screen Actors Guild, and others. 

3. How important is having a publishing company?

When registering with a PRO, it’s important that you register as both a songwriter and a publishing company, if you are both the songwriter and publisher. If you don’t register as the publisher and are the publisher, the PRO can’t give you that portion of the royalty payout. This is true except for BMI -- if you register with BMI, you can claim both sides under just a writer's account. While registering as a publisher can have its benefits, it's not essential to claim both sides under that particular PRO. 

Photo by Brandon Day

Photo by Brandon Day

4. How do I register my music as a songwriter and publisher?

Copyrighting your music is a critical element in helping to create a sustainable career as a musician, and it's a relatively simple. It is easy to register as a songwriter. To register as a publisher, you need to pick a name for a publishing company, open up a bank account under that company name, and register your songs with the US Copyright Office. Note: This doesn’t mean you have to get a business license to start a publishing company -- you can register your publishing company through your social security number as an individual business.

5. Why is copyrighting my music important?

Copyrighting your songs protects your music and your livelihood as an artist. By registering your music, it creates a digital timestamp and holds up as legal proof if your music has been used without your knowing. Your music is sacred -- protect it.

If you have questions about any of this -- please reach out our Artist Relations Team at Marmoset. Our mission is to advocate, protect and work to restore value to artists. Give us a shout at

Download Our "Handcrafted Holidays" Mixtape

Photo by Jovo Jovanovic

Photo by Jovo Jovanovic

Holiday music doesn't have to be cheesy -- sometimes it just needs a little brushing up. We composed 20 original tracks in our new Handcrafted Holidays mixtape that distills the inherent joy during this time of the year. 

We worked with our talented team of composers and dusted off some classics like "Jingle Bells," "We Wish You A Merry Christmas," and "Silent Night" fully arranging each song with our own modern versions. From electro-pop to anthemic rock, each unconventional cover gives new life and definition to familiar songs we've come to know oh so well. Enjoy.

Share your holiday film with us at We'll showcase our favorites on the journal and send some sweet swag like Marmoset shirts and vinyl to each featured filmmaker. Feel the love.

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